How to store cosmetics?

As every woman, you probably also have a lot of cosmetics. Part of them in the bathroom, other in the drawer in your bedroom and all the rest do not fit in your cosmetic bag any more. If you have no ideas for storage of lipsticks, foundations, perfumes and creams, […]


TEST: Does Blanx Med Classic work?

Since I remember, I have always been trying to conquer the problem of my not-that-white teeth. Unfortunately, all methods I used to apply belied totally. Currently, I’m looking for a preparation that could whiten my teeth in a non-invasive and successful manner. I know, I should make an appointment and […]


Month with gold facial massager from DermoFuture

I just finished a month long lifting treatment with this years novelty – DermoFuture. I bought pulse face massager with 24-carat gold because I wanted to get rid of first signs of elasticity loss by skin – laughter lines, wrinkles around lips, eyes and forehead, but also visible skin matt. […]


Blanx, as my way for obtaining snow-white smile.

As I mentioned in one of my previous entries, I was searching long for an effective manner of making my teeth whitened. The one solution that I’m definitely not going to apply is teeth whitening treatment done at a dentist’s because my teeth are already too sensitive. I’m sure that […]


Test of DermoFuture Massager with 24-carat Gold

January novelties in nourishing products are a positive surprise. Few days ago I bought Pulse Massager from DermoFuture with innovative formula with pure gold, which had its premier at the beginning of this year. I am really curious about effects it brings, that is why I will perform test of […]