Just two steps to younger skin – two-phase ANTI-AGE treatment from Natura Siberica

Just two steps to younger skin – two-phase ANTI-AGE treatment from Natura Siberica

Intensive two-phase face biocomplex is a cosmetic for mature skin from Natura Siberica, which was locked in two bottles with easy in use dropper. It is very intense complex created with Snow Cladonia and is recommended for use at home. It soothes out wrinkles has anti-ageing properties. What is more, it will deal even with laughter lines and visibly improve complexion. Thanks to exceptional formula you can be sure that there will be looked-for results – the long lasting and stunning to be precise. Two-phase formula is truly unique and innovative. On top of that, it is expected to provide rejuvenating properties, which any other anti-wrinkle cream cannot guarantee. It can be used by women with all skin types.

The first phase of the cosmetic is a unique bio-base with extremely intense rejuvenating, moisturising and regenerative properties. Its beneficial and unusual impact on skin is a merit of resistant and capable of surviving even in extreme conditions (temperatures to -50°C) Cladonia Nivalis (Snow Cladonia). It can pride on high content of unique usnic acid, which indicates exceptional capability of skin cells regeneration and prevention of ageing. Base contains also perfect amount of vegetable collagen for increase of skin elasticity.

The second phase is activating serum, which because of diversity of active substances like vitagenyl (anti-wrinkle peach extract), high- and low-molecular hyaluronic acid (first of them creates protective barrier on the surface of the skin and improves its elasticity, the second one help with collagen production and smoothers skin).

Methods of serum use on all skin types.

People with oily and combination skin should use biocomplex by mixing 5 drops of bio-base and 3 drops of serum.

People with dry and sensitive skin should mix 6 drops of bio-base and 2 drops of serum.

Product needs to be applied in form of thin layer on face and after 10 minutes the excess of it should be removed. Serum has to be used everyday for 14 days and to preserve its effects just apply it twice a week. If there is a need, in two months time you can repeat 14 days treatment.

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