New Urban Decay – Vice lipstick collection

New Vice lipstick collection from Urban Decay is truly enormous. There are 100 colours with six different finishes. And among them are four extraordinary shades: Disturbed, Conspiracy, Frenemy and Pandemonium. Check why those lipsticks are so amazing. The choice is enormous! In the Vice collection there are light and dark […]


Eyelashes in a beauty salon – lash extension methods

Long eyelashes are often the attribute of feminity. Secret weapon which adds self-confidence and sex appeal. Not every each of us has been presented by nature with long legs but long eyelashes are nowadays at our fingertips. Apart from ingenious and purpose-made eyelash conditioners which guarantee spectacular effect, there are […]

Nanoil - recipe for perfect hair care

Nanoil hair oil – perfection, naturally!

Recipe for perfect hair care cosmetic? Reach out to the nature and mix various high quality oils. Add a pinch of magic – i.e. unique complexes for hair growth stimulation. Spice it up with vitamins E and A – so that strands preserve young appearance. Some UV filter – the […]