Delicate matter – How to perform eye make-up removal?

Delicate matter – How to perform eye make-up removal?

Make-up removal of eye area is one of the most important and common activities of each woman’s everyday rituals. At times it happens that we executed it few times a day. But, are you doing it right? You should remember that skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and delicate, so it is much easier to subjected it to all kinds of irritations and it ages much sooner. It is easy to cause dryness because in this area, skin has 15 times less sebaceous glands than skin in other parts of the face. In the most delicate areas, skin has only a millimetre! For this reason, it is of great relevance to perform correct make-up removal of this area. Otherwise it can cause more damage: skin irritation, dryness and wrinkles.

This brief handbook will help you perform correct make-up removal. Read it and your eyes will be grateful.

  1. Take two cotton pads and with clean hands soak it with chosen make-up remover. It can be bi-phased make-up remover matching needs of this area, micellar water or cleansing milk. Truly important thing is to match it with needs of your skin and type of make-up; waterproof make-up is best to remove with bi-phased make-up remover.
  2. Place cotton pads on closed eyelids and hold them there for few moments. Your cosmetic will start to dissolve make-up and you can avoid unpleasant rubbing of skin that could lead to damages not only to skin, but also to eyelashes. Pay attention to the amount of cosmetic you apply on cotton pads, because to large amount of it can be too much, get to the eye and cause prickling and even long lasting eye redness.
  3. Now start to gently move cotton pads up and down. Movement to the sides could deform and damage eyelashes. To remove eye shadow off the upper eyelid, perform gentle movements from the inner part of the eye towards outer. Remember to not do that too aggressively. You want to avoid pulling of delicate skin around the eyes, because that leads to wrinkles in express tempo!
  4. Switch cotton pads frequently – with dirty cotton pad you will not do much good. In general for cleanse of one eye are used 3 to 5 cotton pads (depends on make-up you wore: delicate or intense). Some women place a tissue under the lower eyelid, while performing make-up removal to avoid black smudges. In our opinion it is quite tiresome and impractical. You will remove lower eyelid make-up with gentle movement from inner eye corner to the outer.
  5. If there are some residues of eyeliner, mascara or eye pencil, soak cotton bud with your make-up remover and remove rest of the cosmetics by gently pressing cotton bud against the skin. Remember about make-up removal of brows.
  6. Is all make-up removed? Wait for make-up remover to dry entirely and absorb in eyelids, then tap in eye cream. Ready!

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