Summer hair care. How to deal with the after sunbathing effects

Summer hair care. How to deal with the after sunbathing effects

Most of us love laying on the beach in a scorching sun. Unfortunately, our hair and skin are not as fond of the blazing sun as we are. How to restore hair’s strength and shine lost while sunbathing? To the rescue: homemade regeneration methods.

Sun has a negative impact on our hair. Ultraviolet rays contribute to damaging the inner parts of the hair. As in the case of colour-treating, the hair scales are lifted under the influence of the sun. It loses hydration and valuable nutrients, our hair becomes rough, dull and weak. Additionally, it is much more susceptible to mechanical damage and often starts to fall out in excess. What to do to prevent it?

Prevention. How to protect hair against solar radiation? 

Summer hair care should be based mainly on prevention because a majority of the damage can be avoided. Sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands in our scalp is the first thing that ensures the natural protection of our hair. It coats the strands and prevents moisture loss. Another natural shield to protect the hair from the sun is melanin – the natural pigment that occurs in the follicles. The more melanin the better for the hair. Therefore, fair hair is much more susceptible to damage than dark hair. 

Regardless of the colour, all hair types need proper protection. In the summer, it is definitely worth following the rules:

– use cosmetics with sunscreen, 

– use emollient conditioners that will protect the strands, 

– use a natural hair oil to provide thorough protection and regeneration,

– use a moisturising mist several times during the day, 

– protect the hair against sun, for example, with a hat or cap. 

Regeneration. How to restore damaged hair’s health?

Hair left without proper protection or exposed to a very strong effect of harmful factors, can weaken and become damaged. What to do in such a situation? Summer hair care means moisturizing and regenerating thoroughly. A rebuilding hair conditioner and a concentrated serum, for example in ampoules designed for the scalp, will be useful. It is important not only to take care of the hair in the summer but also to strengthen the bulbs. Thus, providing regeneration from within is the most effective way of restoring hair’s health. Natural plant oils or ready-mixed oil blends with an admixture of, for example, vitamins or keratin (the key structural material making up hair essential for regeneration) will also work well. The oils work both outside the hair and inside. It is worth reaching for them in summer and all year long.