Argan oil – a mercedes among oils

Argan oil – a mercedes among oils

Applying it to the hair,  it instantly protects and strengthens it by penetrating its deeper structures and beautifying strand by strand. When applied to the face under a cream, it significantly conditions the overall state of the skin working better than a concentrated anti-wrinkle serum. Massaged into the under eye skin works almost as an ‘iron for wrinkles’. Argan oil shows how strong nature-originated substances can be. 

Argan oil – effects and properties in cosmetics

Argan oil as a body lotion – applied to a damp skin after a shower or a bath is fast-absorbed and does not leave any greasy film – this ensures proper cell regeneration. It also prevents dehydration, soothes irritations and smoothes out the skin perfectly. 

Argan oil as a face serum – it has antioxidising properties and is characterized by a higher concentration of vitamin E than Olive oil. Therefore, it is a strongly rejuvenating elixir. If used regularly as a night serum(under a face cream) delays ageing, balances sebum secretion, smoothes out fine lines and ensures proper skin tone. 

Argan oil as a nail serum – thanks to applying it to the nail plate, it improves its elasticity, prevents breaking and splitting. It will also take care of the cuticles by softening and moisturizing.

Argan oil as a hair treatment – this is the most important and most popular use of this precious oil. Its effects on hair and versatile use (as a split-end serum, styling lotion, heat protectant and above all, a hair and scalp mask) make Argan oil a Mercedes in its range. This valuable substance regenerates, protects, beautifies, conditions and if combined with other oils, it is a true salvation for damaged hair. 

This cosmetic VIP is one of the most expensive oils. Nevertheless, it is still worth trying out its effects on hair. Argan oil outclasses a range of cosmetics for hair care, proving that, for centuries, it has been unbeatable.