You love your eyelashes? Take care of them!

You love your eyelashes? Take care of them!

You paint them every day, they are some kind of your business card. Flirt starts with one look. You’re not afraid to spend lots of money on a good mascara. But do you devote them enough attention? The following tips tell you how to care about lashes to make them beautiful and healthy.

1. Never forget about make up removal

It’s essential. If mascara stays on your lashes too long, it weakens and destroys them. Even if you’re exhausted and sleepy, devote a moment to face and eye make up removal. Do it gently, try not to rub your eyes with a cotton pad, put the soaked pad on your eyelids so that the cosmetic can start working.

2. Waterproof mascara? Only for special occassions

Mascara which doesn’t slide off is definitely comfortable but remember about quid pro quo principle – mascara lasts longer but you will have to use invasive and mechanical moves to rub it away. Eyelashes hate rubbing. It makes them fall out and weaken. That’s why, regular mascara, with plenty of nourishing ingredients, is a better choice for everyday use.

3. Comb out your lashes

In this way you will strengthen hair bulbs and also tidy unruly lashes. A special comb available at drug stores will be best but you can also use a spiral brush from the mascara that you’ve already used. Wash it gently in warm water with delicate bubble bath (e.g. kids bubble bath), scald it for a while and let it dry off. Now your eyelash comb is ready.

4. Don’t rub your eyes

You don’t even realize how often you rub your eyelids and also lashes. Many women do it unconsciously and this is how they lose several lashes a day. Regrettable loss. Try to gain control over this unfortunate for your lashes routine.

5. Make friends with castor oil

Our grandmothers also knew the oil and applied on their lashes with good effects. You can apply it with your finger (remember to have clean and washed hands) or a spiral from a used mascara. Wash it thoroughly and remember to keep it clean during the treatment. You can also use the oil to nourish your eyebrows. It’s best to do it in the evening and be very careful so that it doesn’t get into your eyes. Important thing – castor oil doesn’t work for all lashes. Many women complain that after several weeks of treatment they can’t see any effects, others say about the effect of “misty eyes” – the oil is very greasy. If you also won’t like how it’s working, it’s worth to try…

6. …special care treatment for eyelashes

Your eyelashes will be very thankful if you present them with such treatment, instead of greasy oil. In drug stores and online shops you can buy products resembling eyeliners. They have a tiny brush that you use to apply the product just above the line of your eyelashes which – packed with lots of nutritional ingredients – start to grow beautifully, become darker and get more volume.

7. Careful with the glass!

If you wear contact lens, be very careful while applying them. Try not to bend your lashes during application. If you use them every day, your lashes are in danger of mechanical harm, weakening and falling out. Eyelash curler is equally brutal for your lashes so use it only from time to time or give it up.

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