Which Lash Lift and Lamination Kit Is the Best? Check Out The Ranking and Choose Your Favorite Product

Which Lash Lift and Lamination Kit Is the Best? Check Out The Ranking and Choose Your Favorite Product

The beauty industry provides a whole bunch of solutions to care for your appearance. This also applies to eyelashes, which can remain natural, while impressing with a prominent curl and lift. How is this possible? Lash lift and lamination makes it possible. What does eyelash lamination consist of, how long does it take, and is it worth trying? Discover the best lash lift and lamination kits, which can also be used at home. 

Eyelash lift and lamination – what are they and why should you try them?

Lash lift and lamination have been gaining popularity recently. They allow to bring out the maximum beauty from natural eyelashes. Hence, they are often chosen by women who care about a natural and durable effect. 

What is a lash lift? It is a treatment similar to the eyelash perm used years ago. The effects of a lash lift are curled and lifted natural eyelashes. How is this possible? The effect associated with an eyelash lift comes from applying the right combination of formulas. The first one always opens the hair cuticle and removes the keratin bonds. This makes the eyelashes more likely to be reshaped in a lasting way. Once the eyelashes are properly curled, a neutralizer is applied. This product, in turn, is designed to fix the new shape by creating brand new keratin bonds.

What is eyelash lamination? This treatment is connected with the lash lift as its final stage, making the lashes more nourished. The effects also involve making the natural lashes darker and visually thicker. Following a properly performed lamination, eyelashes also become silkier, less brittle, and retain mascara much better. 

Lash lamination kit – ranking of the most recommendable sets

It’s time to present the most interesting lash lift kits on the market. The ranking includes recommendable sets that work great for home use, and many of them are also a good choice for beauty salons. Several factors were considered when selecting individual kits. Not only the price was taken into account, but also how complete the kit is, the number of applications, the difficulty of the treatment, and the quality of the products included in the eyelash lamination kit. 

the best Eyelash lift and lamination kit

1. Nanolash lash lift and lamination kit

The professional lash lamination kit from Nanolash is one of the best choices. The brand comes with a complete Lash Lift Kit, which can be successfully used by any woman, regardless of whether she is professionally involved in eyelash lift or will be doing it for the first time.

The application is super easy, and this set allows you to perform an effective lash lift quickly and hassle-free. The results? Visibly curled, separated, and lifted eyelashes for up to 8 weeks. On top of that, the eyelashes are perfectly nourished, softer, and less prone to breaking

The lash lamination kit for home use from Nanolash includes lifting glue, 10 sachets of activator, 10 sachets of neutralizer, 10 sachets of keratin booster, and all the necessary accessories. You get 3 pairs of silicone rods, which can be trimmed freely to the desired width. In addition, there are also 3 combs, which will help to tame the eyelashes. This content allows you to perform as many as 10 applications.

2. Thuya lash lift set

A kit that will last a long time – this is how you can briefly describe the set from the Thuya brand. It is distinguished by a really large number of products. Each of the 3 products for lifting and laminating eyelashes – permanent gel, neutralizer, and glue – comes in a 15-milliliter tube. In addition, the kit includes a wooden pick and silicone rods in M size. 

What does the Thuya lash lift kit allow you to do? This set enables you to curl and lift your eyelashes for up to 8 weeks. In addition, the products can be used to lift and laminate eyebrows. It allows you to reshape even the most unruly brows.

3. MIYA LASH Keratin Lash Lift Kit

Comprehensive lash lift and lamination – the kit from MIYA contains everything needed for these treatments. The products included in the kit can easily be handled by both professionals and women who will be embarking on the treatments for the first time. 

By opting for the lash lift and lamination kit from MIYA LASH, you can count on results lasting up to 6 weeks. During this time, the natural lashes will be strongly lifted, curled, and nourished. The kit contains the necessary products and accessories for laminating and lifting eyelashes. It includes, among others, special picks, brushes, eye patches, and silicone rods. 

4. Protein Reconstruction System Zola – brow lamination and lash lift kit

A kit for lifting lashes at home doesn’t have to consist of a lot of products and accessories. It can also be really simple. The set offered by the Zola brand is a perfect example, as the brand has opted for a very minimalist approach. The Brow&Lash Protein Reconstruction System is a way to lift and laminate eyebrows and eyelashes in just three steps.

The Zola brand’s kit includes 3 bottles of lifting and laminating solutions. Each one is described with a number symbolizing the step on the way to beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes. The first bottle is Protein Strong Lifting. The second is Protein Fixer, and the third one is Protein Care. This set is said to provide long-lasting results, and nourish and moisturize eyelashes without much effort. 

5. Elleebana Lash Lift – lash lift starter kit

Elleebana Lash Lift is a professional lash lift kit that might be described as a long-term investment. Its price may put you off at first glance, but this is due to the very large product capacity. Provided you perform the treatment one by one, the set from Elleebana is enough for 60 lash laminations. Each of the activator and neutralizer sachets contains enough product for up to 4 applications. The kit contains15 sachets. Of course, the situyation is a bit different for home use, as the sachets must be used immediately after opening and can’t be stored..

The set from Elleebana provides lasting results, which can be achieved in just 20 minutes. One of its advantages is also that each element of the set can be purchased separately if necessary. 

6. RefectoCil Eyelash Lift

Lash lamination in no time? That’s exactly what the Eyelash Lift set from RefectoCil makes possible. This set features extremely fast action, thanks to the formulas of Lashperm and neutralizer. These two products allow you to achieve the effect of lifted and curled lashes in just 13 minutes. As a result, eyelash lift and lamination takes no more time than regular makeup

The products contain collagen and cysteine, among others, are not all that’s included in the kit from RefectoCil. It also consists of a bottle of glue, two cosmetic brushes, two mini cosmetic bowls, an eyelash lifter, and 3 pairs of silicone rods in different sizes. This makes it easy to match them to the appropriate curl type. 

7. Fleeky Lashlift Kit

A powerfully defined gaze as if from a beauty salon? The Lashlift Kit from Fleeky allows you to achieve this. The kit is also a complete product with lifting and laminating products. In addition to these, the manufacturer also provided the most necessary accessories. 

Noteworthy accessories include two pairs of silicone rods (S and M sizes), glue, eyelash brushes, application pics, and lash combs. So, the set from Fleeky enables comprehensive care of eyelashes. What is also noteworthy is the packaging, as the set comes in an aesthetically pleasing box. For this reason, it is an excellent choice not only for lifting eyelashes at home. It is also a great idea as a gift. 

Lash lift and lamination step by step – how to perform them properly?

After you have equipped yourself with a DIY lash lamination kit, it’s time to move into action. In the beginning, it is best to take out all the elements of the set and place them in an easily accessible place. This will ensure that all the necessary formulas and accessories are at hand during your lash lift and lamination. It is good to have an oil-free makeup remover and a special lash shampoo.

With their help, clean the lashes and eyelids thoroughly so that they are free of makeup residue, dust, and sebum. Apply silicone rods of the right size to clean the upper eyelids at the lash line. If necessary, they can be trimmed to fit the eye shape. It is advisable to secure them to the eyelids using an adhesive. The glue should also be applied to the middle part of the rod so that you can comb the lashes onto its surface.   

It is important to comb the eyelashes onto the rod carefully and separate them precisely. For this purpose, you can use a special comb. Preparing lashes in this way ensures that the lash lift is performed correctly and that all the individual products reach every lash.   

Once the lashes are attached to the rods, you can apply the products included in your kit for at-home eyelash lamination. Do not forget to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations precisely regarding the order of application and how long the formulas should remain on the lashes. When all the cosmetics included in the kit for at-home lash lamination have been used, you need to remove the silicone rods gently off the eyelids and enjoy the results.