Is it possible to rejuvenate hair? Natural ways of dealing with grey hair

Is it possible to rejuvenate hair? Natural ways of dealing with grey hair

Comprehensive care is very important, especially when time passes and our organism needs to receive solid support from us more frequently than it used to do. Cherry on top that reflects our effort put to make ourselves beautyful is the full of shine hairdo of intensive colour. How to rejuvenate hair and get rid of unwanted grey hair?

Look and condition of our hair are influenced by many factors which are not always connected with ageing only. Let’s add urban pollution, frequent hair colouring (in general, women start colouring their hair when they notice first grey wisps), heat styling, everyday use of blow-dryer as well as delivering improper hair care. What do we get? Weakened, brittle and dull hair with split ends that loses its natural colour.

How to rejuvenate hair? And why to do it? In fact, this is our hair in particular that has a tremendous impact on the way we are perceived by others. If neat, full of shine and intensive colour, the strands make us look younger. If damaged, we can nondeliberately make ourselves look older. Surely, grey hair ages us. Fortunately, now it’s possible to avoid this problem thanks to being aware of the existence and making use of the right ways of dealing with grey hair.

There are three basic methods distinguished of hiding grey hair:

  1. Regular hair colouring.
  2. Use of professional anti grey hair colours.
  3. Application of homemade products.

The two first options are proven for being effective but they require considerable amounts of money to invest and time to visit a hairdresser on a regular basis. Definitely, long-term hair exposure to chemical substances is far from being beneficial. With time strands become weaker and the scalp may be irritated. Way more efficient solutions are provided by home methods of dealing with grey hair; and there plenty of such methods, luckily.

The most popular home methods of dealing with grey hair:

  1. Hair Oil – regular application of a natural oil that features hair darkening qualities is a way of intensifying the colour, delivering nourishment and hair regeneration that additionally becomes soft and smooth. Oils that are able to make hair darker are, for example, castor oil, amla oil as well as many Hindu oils used for regular hair care.
  2. Hair Wash – an alternative of an equally effective action is the use of natural hair washes regularly (after every hair cleansing). The best grey hair wash is, for example, the one featuring walnut extract, tea and herbal (with sage and rosemary) extract or potato extract. All the ingredients make the colour more intensive, darker and effectively hide grey hair.
  3. Scalp Lotion – the last natural way dealing with grey hair is scalp lotion (a.k.a. scalp conditioner), of course. It works directly on the hair bulbs rooted in the scalp therefore it serves right when you look for something more than just making your hair darker. To clarify, scalp lotions are also able to regenerate, nourish and rejuvenate hair. In this case, you should reach for a lavender scalp lotion (with thyme, rosemary and mint additive).

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