Eyelash care: how to take care of lashes on a daily basis?

Eyelash care: how to take care of lashes on a daily basis?

We treat lashes almost as if it was our decoration. There’s nothing wrong about it because thanks to them, every makeup is more expressive. Therefore, it is worth taking care of your lashes and deliver whatever it needs to grow stronger and longer. What’s more, they are responsible for protecting the eye from dust and dirt that could get inside and cause irritations. 

Lashes age as well and can weaken due to styling (overusing a lash curler, applying mascara). What’s more, they can fall out in excess, break and even split! They are the smaller versions of hair that covers our head. Why then we tend to forget about their proper care during the beauty routines?  It is time to change it once and for all.

Daily eyelash care 

In fact, eyelash care does not require a lot of time to bring stunning effects. While we need at least a few cosmetics for hair (shampoo, conditioner, mask, oil, mousse, hairspray, etc.), all you need for your lashes is a good eyelash serum. Although not random one with questionable composition. When choosing a care product, let’s take into account that lashes are very delicate hair that need a mild cosmetic. Let’s look for an eyelash serum that:

  • contains natural extracts and plant oils,
  • does not include any alcohol, paraben, silicone or artificial dyes,
  • not only nourishes but also increases lash growth,
  • can be used as a few-month treatment.

Of course, we can go for oils on their own, for instance, castor oil, however, this might now work as effectively. Oils do not contain any additional (and beneficial) substances that can be found in a good eyelash serum, for example, hyaluronic acid, proteins, panthenol, nanopeptides or growth-boosters. Applying oils to your lashes can be an additional treatment between finishing one serum and starting another one.

Furthermore, you cannot forget about mascaras. It is the product that lands on our eyelashes every day to emphasize their natural beauty. We can benefit from it in our fight for beautiful eyelashes. How? New, innovative mascaras with valuable substances appear on the market every day. They are enriched with nutrients, moisturizers and ingredients responsible for improving elasticity. It’s a great way to support eyelashes during the day – without thinking about it, we can strengthen eyelashes day by day.

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