Natural skin and hair care ingredients that can be found in the kitchen

Natural skin and hair care ingredients that can be found in the kitchen

Even the most luxurious cosmetics are often based on natural ingredients such as honey or oils. What properties do they provide? Can they be used on their own? Let’s discuss this topic in detail.

The most effective care is when we provide our skin or hair with everything that they need. At the same time, it is important to limit the use of cosmetics with preservatives, alcohols, and silicones. However, it is recommended to use products that have a natural composition. The most popular natural care ingredients that are worth looking for in the composition are honey, oils and egg yolk. What properties do they have?


Provides antibacterial properties, reduces scars and speeds up wound healing. It is most often used in face creams and body lotions because it moisturises (it is a humectant) and soothes irritations. A honey-based compress is recommended whenever we are struggling with dry skin or chapped lips. It is always a good idea to use honey as an ingredient of DIY beauty products.

Coconut oil

It provides antibacterial, antifungal properties and inhibits inflammation. Therefore, it works perfectly as a natural cosmetic for acne-prone skin. It strengthens the natural lipid layer and hair fibre, thanks to which it becomes stronger, better moisturized, smoother. Coconut oil alone perfectly protects the hair tips and reduces dandruff (if you rub it on the scalp). If we want to use coconut oil for all hair types, look for it in ready-made products.

Olive oil 

It nourishes and maintains the proper level of moisture. Olive oil is the source of antioxidants and vitamins thanks to which the ski smooths out the ski and hair, increases their softness and radiance. Also, it delays aging processes and restores vitality. Furthermore, it protects against external factors because it replenishes any lipid deficiencies.


Egg yolk is the most valuable part of the egg in regard to beauty properties; it is the source of proteins. It nourishes, regenerates, strengthens and increases elasticity. It brings wonderful effects when used in dry and damaged hair care and as an ingredient of a homemade face mask. What’s interesting, egg yolk feels good when accompanied by the aforementioned olive oil – their effects are improved.

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