Eyelashes in a beauty salon – lash extension methods

Long eyelashes are often the attribute of feminity. Secret weapon which adds self-confidence and sex appeal. Not every each of us has been presented by nature with long legs but long eyelashes are nowadays at our fingertips. Apart from ingenious and purpose-made eyelash conditioners which guarantee spectacular effect, there are […]


New Urban Decay – Vice lipstick collection

New Vice lipstick collection from Urban Decay is truly enormous. There are 100 colours with six different finishes. And among them are four extraordinary shades: Disturbed, Conspiracy, Frenemy and Pandemonium. Check why those lipsticks are so amazing. The choice is enormous! In the Vice collection there are light and dark […]

Nanoil - recipe for perfect hair care

Nanoil hair oil – perfection, naturally!

Recipe for perfect hair care cosmetic? Reach out to the nature and mix various high quality oils. Add a pinch of magic – i.e. unique complexes for hair growth stimulation. Spice it up with vitamins E and A – so that strands preserve young appearance. Some UV filter – the […]


What is brows reconstruction?

In beauty parlours and in aesthetic medicine clinic you are offered plenty of beautifying treatments. One of them is brows reconstruction. It is dedicated mostly to those ladies who want to feel beautiful and attractive. See for yourself, what it is all about. are not only an element of appearance. […]


What is Acne Cosmetica?

Acne Cosmetica is a very common problem among over 30-year-olds. It is caused by mismatched care and coloured products. If individual pimples or blackheads start to appear on your face, maybe it’s time to change the way you care about your skin or give up on make-up for some time. […]