Reviews of Argan Oils: See Top-Ranked Product!

Reviews of Argan Oils: See Top-Ranked Product!

Argan oil is still the world’s most popular oil! The rave and craze for argan nut oil is fully understandable. This is the best natural cosmetic for face, body and hair. No matter your beauty gripe, argan oil is going to fix it.

We guess it will never lose popularity because self-care with argan oil is sheer pleasure. This multi-purpose oil powerfully enhances the looks on condition that you choose the best one. We have compared plenty of them so you don’t need to go through all the beauty magazines online. See our roundup of the top-rated argan oils!

To begin with, what is argan oil like?

Argan oil rocks. Even celebrities use it for self-care. This is an all-natural beauty product which has a strengthening and regenerating effect on skin and hair. It protects against external factors. Of course you need the best argan oil to get all of the benefits.

What makes argan oil stand out against other oils?

Argan trees growing in Morocco give nuts that are used for extraction of the highest-quality argan oil. The fun fact is Argania doesn’t grow naturally anywhere else. Of course oil manufacturers grow the trees in different corners of the world but it turns out they don’t give oils with as brilliant properties and concentration of ingredients as original Moroccan oil.

That is why the quality of the oil depends on the place of extraction. Its exceptionality flows from the components that ideally match our complexion and hair.

Components of argan oil

As we already said, the ingredients in argan oil are its biggest asset. Research on argan oil shows this oil is the house for approx. 100 active substances, including:

  • 5 anticancer substances
  • tocopherols (vitamin E which stimulates repair)
  • fenols (natural antioxidants)
  • carotenes (vitamin A which has antiaging effect)
  • squalane (regulates sebum secretion and moisturizes)
  • fatty acids (around 80% EFAs)

Effect of argan oil on body, face and hair

Argan oil for body care

It revitalizes and adds elasticity to limp skin, helps reduce cellulite, and regularly used, it minimizes stretch marks. Argan oil is a good natural body lotion and bath oil.

Argan oil for face care

This is a perfect anti-aging face serum which improves the complexion, helps minimize acne, protects, and prevents loss of water. Use argan oil on skin under the eyes to make fine lines less noticeable.

Argan oil for hair care

It works well for any type of hair, regardless of its porosity! Argan oil has a strengthening and shine-enhancing effect, adds volume to fine hair, and softens the strands. You can use it as deep hair and scalp oil treatment to stimulate hair follicles and stop thinning, as well as clear the scalp of sebum and product buildup.

Argan oil for nails, lashes, and brows

It isn’t just a great face-care oil. Argan oil enhances lashes and brows, but also brittle nails.

Argan oil has an intensive repairing effect, promotes the natural renewal process, revitalizes, strengthens, restores damaged hair and extremely dry skin lacking plumpness. A quality argan oil does it all naturally.

How to choose the best argan oil?

How do we know which argan oil is the best? This is hard because, firstly, finding that out requires time, and, secondly, not everyone knows how to check if oil is genuine “liquid gold of Morocco” or the refined one produced using heat. Luckily, we managed to find the best argan oil for you! It emerged after we went through many reviews, comments and rankings. We checked their origin, effects and certificates.

So, which argan oil is best? Definitely the one which is:

  • cold-pressed
  • certified
  • unrefined, free from unnecessary ingredients (aromas, colorants, silicones)
  • 100% natural
  • organic and eco-friendly

Ranking of Argan Oils

1. Nanoil Argan Oil: cold-pressed, unrefined, 100% organic, vegan, certified argan nut oil

Nanoil - the best argan oil

Nanoil is an unbeatable and best-selling argan oil recommended by both users and cosmetologists. It looks elegant and works great! Naturally, the winner of the ranking contains only original Moroccan argan oil having a moisturizing, revitalizing and anti-aging effect. It helps get rid of cellulite, stretch marks, acne breakouts and other imperfections (e.g. pigmentation and sun spots). It perfectly renews and revitalizes the complexion.

Nanoil Argan Oil can be used solo as a body lotion, hair mask or face serum, you can also add it to DIY beauty products and treatments. It is lightweight, has a nice smell and color, is non-greasy and well-absorbed, not congesting the skin.

You will see its beneficial effect on hair, skin, and nails after the first use!

Where can you buy Nanoil argan oil?

Ideally, get it on It’s also available at some beauty supply stores.

2. Moroccanoil Argan Oil: pure Moroccan argan oil for face, body and hair

There are some products that enjoy great popularity, especially among celebrities, because they’re… expensive. Moroccanoil is 100% pure argan oil but it’s best to check the formula first because the brand sells different products labeled as Moroccan argan oil while most of them also contain silicones and work only for hair.

Still, this version of Moroccanoil works for hair as well as body and face skin because it’s free from any additives. This oil is nice to use, lightweight, aroma-free and non-comedogenic. It gives a moisture boost, nourishes, improving the condition of hair and skin. It can be used for fixing damaged nails too. We only wish it was more budget-friendly.

Where to buy Moroccanoil Argan Oil?

On the official website and at online shops.

3. 100% BIO Argan Spa Oil: pure, natural Moroccan argan oil for face, body and hair

Argan Spa is a really good and quite popular argan oil which comes in a fancy, black glass bottle. It comes in different aroma versions but naturally the 100% organic pure argan oil is the best choice.

This oil is unrefined and extracted using traditional methods, therefore, it is rich in valuable nutrients and has a natural nut aroma and gold color. Argan Spa oil fulfils multiple purposes so it can be used on the hair, body, face, and nails. Use it for body massage or bath to nourish the skin, make it softer and shinier, and protect it against harmful effects of outside aggressors.

Where to buy Argan Spa Oil?

On the official product website or at some drugstores.

4. Josie Maran Argan Oil: natural, organic Moroccan argan oil for body, face and hair

This is a luxury product. It gets positive opinions but isn’t very popular because of the big price. Josie Maran Argan Oil boasts good quality: it’s organic and has a strong nourishing and hydrating effect.

Similarly to other oils we present, this one is multitasking too. It nourishes even very sensitive skins. Can the oil reduce wrinkles in 4 weeks like the manufacturer promises? This sounds very optimistic. It’s good to use argan oil on the skin under the eyes because it has a good effect on the skin’s condition and elasticity, not congesting it. Choose it if you want to provide the skin with hydration boost, nutrients and the shield against the sunrays, frost or dry air. The oil can also be applied on the hair for strengthening and shine.

Where to buy Josie Maran Argan Oil?

At physical and online beauty stores.

5. The Ordinary Argan Oil: cold-pressed, organic, pure Moroccan argan oil, for face, body and hair

The fans of The Ordinary will be surely interested in a pure argan oil launched by the brand.

This oil comes from Morocco and has a variety of uses on the whole body, face, and hair. It’s mostly recommended for dry face skin, extremely dry patches on the body (e.g. elbows, knees, feet) and highly-porous hair. The Ordinary Argan Oil works as a deep hair oil treatment or nourishing strengthener for damaged nails from gel.

Where to buy The Ordinary Argan Oil?

On the official site, at the online or physical stores.

6. Satin Naturel Argan Oil: cold-pressed, organic, vegan-friendly argan oil

Satin Naturel Argan Oil is both popular and pricey. Even though the brand is known for high-quality natural cosmetics, some reviewers point out that there are equally valuable argan oils for a lower price. Satin Naturel boasts about eco-friendly products free from synthetic additives. The argan oil by the brand is multi-purpose and can be used freely on the skin (as a body lotion, face serum, baths) and hair (as a mask, conditioner, serum).

Additionally, it nourishes nails and eyebrows, delivers vitamins and beneficial fatty acids, protects against damage and delays premature aging processes. Naturally, regular application is necessary to get the effects.

Where to buy Satin Naturel Argan Oil?

On the Satin Naturel webpage and in some drugstores.

7. Nutridome Argan Oil: pure 100% natural argan oil free from parabens

This popular oil isn’t highly-rated by all users. Lots of reviewers point out that oils shouldn’t be packed in clear bottles because they fail to protect the oils and consequently they lose precious nutrients (and we lose the benefits). The Nutridome argan oil is dedicated to hair but obviously it can be used on the face, body, dry areas of the body (hands, elbows, feet), and damaged, brittle nails. This all-natural oil protects and moisturizes the complexion and is non-comedogenic. It soothes sensitive skin and relieves reactive complexions.

Where to buy Nutridome Argan Oil?

On the official site, at some drugstores.

8. Gold HairCare Argan Oil: pure argan oil, free from parabens, 100% natural

It comes in an elegant bottle and is designed for damaged, delicate hair. Because it’s all natural, it can be used on the body too: add it to your body lotion, use it for massage or rub it into coarse elbows, knees, and feet. The thing that strikes us is the price. Many people prefer more budget argan oils which have excellent properties plus come with a certificate confirming their quality.

Where to buy Gold HairCare Argan Oil?

In some online shops.

9. Timeless Argan Oil: pure cold-pressed Moroccan argan nut oil

Timeless Skin Care argan oil is all-natural and works well for skin and hair. It abounds in vitamin E, aka vitamin of youth, unsaturated fatty acids, plant sterols and flavonoids (natural antioxidants). This argan oil is recommended for any skin type, including sensitive, limp skins. It nourishes, revitalizes and prevents epidermal water loss. At the same time, it has a strong antiaging effect so it prevents wrinkles. As far as hair goes, the oil restores the gloss and resilience, and moisturizes dry ends.

Where to buy Timeless Argan Oil?

Available online.