Time for Changes! Which DIY Cluster Lash Extensions to Pick?

Time for Changes! Which DIY Cluster Lash Extensions to Pick?

Women love to experiment with their looks but they face some limitations when it comes to the eyelash area. They can go for semi-permanent lash extensions or try out a wide range of mascaras. If there’s still no wow result, then there’s a gamechanger to check out – DIY cluster lashes. Which product proves best?

The Best Cluster Lash Extensions to Use at Home. What Features Should They Have?

The appearance of DIY lash extensions has been a breakthrough on the cosmetic market. Applying false lash extensions at home without a lash tech’s assistance used to seem impossible. Women had to spend big sums of money and lots of time to get lashes done at the salon.

These days there are other options. Thanks to DIY cluster lashes, women can completely change their image in just a few minutes. Plus, they can do it all by themselves at home. Cosmetic brands make sure every woman can realize her dream of perfect lashes.

At the same time, with such a variety of DIY cluster lash extensions on the market, it is hard to tell which ones are actually the right choice. A question arises: what makes the best cluster lashes for home use? We believe it is:

  • variety; you should be able to create various lash styles.
  • ease of application.
  • how long lashes stay put and whether they’re reusable.
  • how they look.

Choosing products that fulfill the above criteria will allow every woman to achieve the desired result!

Let’s See the Winners! Ranking of the Best Cluster Lashes for DIY Lash Extension

The following round-up presents products for DIY eyelash extensions getting the best online reviews and standing out against others.

Women can use the ranking when shopping for their perfect lashes. The presented pros and cons of the reviewed products show the ease of application and the time the lashes can be worn. We analyzed them in detail.

#1 Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions

artificial eyelashes ranking

Any ranking has a leader on top, and in this case we are sure of its name. DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash – the brand that is already known to women across the world, offering top-quality and highly-effective products.

The Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions can be called a premium product and we have no doubt about it, which is because of the solid material, stunning results as well as the extraordinary esthetics of the product.

Nanolash cluster lashes look extremely realistic. The individual lashes are super soft, plus you won’t feel any weight wearing them, they’re very light. On top of that, the lashes are attached to a fine, black band which blends with the eyelash line seamlessly. Thanks to such a small detail, even beginners can be sure of creating lovely lash styles easily.

DIY Lash Extensions are also extremely varied; the pack includes 36 pcs in three sizes: 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm. Plus, there are as many as eight styles that we can choose from. That allows a variety of lash styles ranging from Russian Volume-like lashes to natural-looking, subtle styles for everyday wear.

The brand also has a full lash extensions kit in stock. In addition to lash clusters, it contains:

  • Nanolash bonder – it is meant for attaching the lash clusters as well as improving the lash hair color.
  • Nanolash remover – it helps remove cluster lashes safely.
  • lash tweezers – made from stainless steel.
  • Nanolash sealer – it is meant for removing the sticky coat and finishing the application.

The products in Nanolash kit have five milliliters, which makes them stand out against competitors. The full set lasts long.

The brand Nanolash guarantees we can put on the cluster lashes within just 10 minutes, which has been confirmed by happy users, also the ones without experience. Women also say that the instructions that come with the kit are very clear and straightforward.

As far as the durability of DIY Lash Extensions goes, Nanolash promises they can be worn for up to five days. Surprisingly, reviewers say that thanks to the proper aftercare they made the lash extensions stay put for even eight days! We guess that’s the best score we can achieve during at-home lash extension.

Another great benefit of the Nanolash DIY Lash Extension is the cluster lashes are rewearable. Although the manufacturer says they’re single use, we’ve read comments saying the clusters had the same shape and didn’t get crooked after removal. Women mention applying the same wisps again and enjoying the same results.

Considering all above factors, we have no doubts, Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions deserve to be on top of the ranking!

#2 Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit

Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit comes next in the round-up. It is another set of DIY cluster lashes that you can apply at home. Without a doubt, the wisps from the Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit are solid, quite soft and fine, attached to a black, flexible band. In comparison to Nanolash cluster lashes, for example, the band here is thicker which may look a bit unnatural, plus some may feel the weight of the clusters during wear.

The application of cluster lash extensions should take around 10 minutes but the brand mentions that beginners will need more time. Still, practice makes perfect. We’re not sure about how long they stay put, though. The manufacturer mentions a few days while the users say they wore it for two days, others for five days. We guess that’s one of the biggest cons.

#3 Amor Lashes QuickLash Starter Kit

Amor Lashes is a British brand which also released a set of DIY cluster lashes. The product isn’t as popular as Nanolash’s DIY Lash Extensions for example, which is probably because it isn’t easily accessible outside the UK.

As far as the product goes, the Amor Lashes QuickLash Starter Kit offers good-quality lashes that look quite natural, however, those with more lash experience will notice these aren’t the perfect copy of real lashes.

When it comes to applying cluster lashes from the Amor Lashes QuickLash Starter Kit, one can easily do it within around 10 minutes. However, the natural lashes have to be prepped for the process, which may take more time. It is advised to apply mascara before application of falsies to even out the color and slightly thicken the hairs.

Amor Lashes QuickLash Starter Kit offers lash clusters that are supposed to stay put for five days. However, Nanolash guarantees we can wear DIY Lash Extensions for five days no matter the way of applying them or other conditions. In the case of Amor Lash, the manufacturer mentions the lashes may last less if we don’t apply them the right way.

#4 Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System Kit

Another place in the ranking is taken by Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System Kit. These DIY cluster lashes come in different sizes and styles to choose from.

Using them, we can do Hollywood Volume lashes or just add some thickness to natural lashes. The extensions are meant for creating the WOW result, which in reality leaves us with unnatural-looking lashes. Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System Kit offers thick, stiff lashes, therefore, they won’t create a natural result like Nanolash’s clusters, for example.

Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System Kit is a full cluster lashes kit for home use. It includes all essential accessories for easy application of DIY lash extensions.

The manufacturer promises lashes staying put for a few days but we don’t know the exact time. That’s what every user needs to see for themselves, which definitely doesn’t speak in the kit’s favor.

#5 Invisi-Lash Kit TATTI

Invisi-Lash Kit from the brand TATTI is next on the list. Again, these are good yet not the best cluster lashes for DIY application. Similarly to many extensions, these come in a set too. Sadly, this one doesn’t include a remover, which means extra expenses. If you don’t get the remover, you won’t be able to take off the lashes yourself. To make things worse, the included products for DIY lashes are smaller sized than products from other brands. All in all, this kit isn’t good value for money.

Invisi-Lash Kit TATTI offers a range of lash styles and lengths so we can definitely create various eyelash looks e.g. Russian Volume lashes. The lash clusters look quite realistic and you won’t feel their weight. On the other hand, the users noticed the Invisi-Lash Kit TATTI cluster lashes aren’t reusable, and they aren’t as durable as Nanolash clusters, for example. That’s why TATTI cluster lashes are last but one in our round-up.

It is also important that the cluster lashes from Tatti are attached to a transparent band which, in practice, fails to blend with the natural lash line. It will be noticeable on people with naturally dark lashes so you shouldn’t go for it if you’re one of them.

#6 Velour-Xtensions Kit

Velour-Xtensions Kit comes last. These DIY cluster lash extensions work best for those experienced in applying lash extensions. Why? This is because of the peculiar applicator and a rather thick band. These two things may hinder application if you’re not skilled enough.

When it comes to the looks that we can create by applying them, there’s not much to pick on. Velour-Xtensions Kit offers nice cluster lashes, natural and neat. The single pack contains a few lengths, plus you can choose one of several lash styles.

This kit also contains some basic accessories for DIY lash extension, however, they are smaller sized than the lash set from Nanolash. Obviously this means they won’t last you that long.

Velour-Xtensions Kit offers lash extensions that will be okay for those experienced in applying cluster lashes who are also ready to settle for less when it comes to quality. If you want to use them to apply lash clusters for the first time, then you may have some problems during the process.

Round-Up of the Best DIY Cluster Lashes. Words of Advice before You Go

Picking the best cluster lashes to use at home may prove challenging. You should find out which lash extensions really offer easy applications. The choice of the right lash style and size matching the eye shape is also important.

The cosmetic market is flooded by DIY eyelash extensions but there is one leader, namely Nanolash’s DIY Lash Extensions. The product really offers the best features, standing out against competitors.

 It is also important to pick DIY cluster lashes that will let you achieve the desired lash look. Applying and wearing them will then be sheer pleasure instead of discomfort.