3 simple tricks to enjoy smooth feet

3 simple tricks to enjoy smooth feet

We don’t know what your plans for today’s evening are, but we’re taking a step toward beautiful feet. An evening that you’re staying home, when you aren’t going to walk much, opens up the perfect opportunity to take good care of your feet. Let them rest and pamper with a sweet-smelling and reviving foot bath. How can you take care of your feet at home?

Undoubtedly, once hidden in sneakers or high-heels, now they are calling for your attention and regeneration. It isn’t true that you have to visit a beautician often to expose your feet to some fancy cosmetic procedures. Trust us, you can improve the looks and condition of your feet at home, too. Beautiful feet in 20 minutes? Yes, this can work out!


1. Foot bath

The first step in taking care of feet at home depends on softening the callus epidermis. Actually, this step is also one of the most relaxing stages on your way to get smooth feet. How to prepare a foot bath? Add foot salt (you can go for Himalayan salt too) to hot water and enrich it with olive oil or any other natural oil. Both olive and salt are good at making skin soft, which in turn makes the foot perfectly ready for upcoming cosmetic procedures. It’s also a good idea to add some essential oil to the foot bath because in this way you will pamper not only the feet but also your senses. Note: lavender and eucalyptus essential oils deal with sweaty feet.

Of course this isn’t the only way of preparing a foot bath since you can also make use of some baking soda, lemon juice, milk and even honey. The possibilities are numerous so just use your imagination, combine natural substances and soak those fatigued feet of yours in sweet-smelling baths.

2. Pumice stone, file and rasp

We suggest you to try some natural and safe tools that help you get rid of dead skin cells. For example, you can take into consideration using a regular pumice stone or volcanic pumice. Another natural tool that aids you in removing hard skin is Moroccan hammam pumice that is often made of red clay. Finally, you can apply regular foot scrub. Of course, you can reach for a store-bought product or prepare your own at home. How to do it? Combine sugar with a dash of natural oil and keep rubbing the scrum into your feet until the sugar crystals melt entirely. Probably the cheapest option, when it comes to smoothing foot skin out, is a two-side file/rasp.

If thick skin and corns keep reappearing, it’s time to give foot exfoliating socks a try. Such product contain acids and deeply nourishing substances that help you remove callus skin. What’s important to realize, if you decide to make use of foot exfoliating socks, prepare yourself for some heavy skin exfoliation that should last a few days.

3. Foot cream

Once you finish exfoliating your feet, it’s time for some nourishment and hydration. Now you have to take a cream that matches your feet, which means that it’ll focus on satisfying the needs of your foot skin. To clarify, if your feet crack often and are dehydrated, you should make use of nourishing foot creams, natural cosmetic butters (Shea butter) and natural beauty oils (avocado, argan, sweet almond, macadamia). Actually, in the case of extremely dry feet, you shall reach for a vitamin A ointment, which is available in every pharmacy.

Giving a massage to your feet while supplying them with some nutrients gives you nothing but benefits. Slather some cream all over your feet and start gently massaging your feet. Also, try kneading and pressing particular foot spots to feel an incredibly relaxing sensation. At bedtime, you can apply a really thick layer of a foot cream, put on some old cotton socks and go to sleep.

The last piece of advice concerning dealing with thick heel skin is to use a foot cream with a high concentration of urea. Rub it into clean feet every single day. Try to do it at bedtime to allow the cream to penetrate and soften your callus skin while you sleep. It should take just a few days for the cream to create the effect you desire to achieve – soft and smooth feet.

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