5 crucial things that make Lashcode the best mascara on the market

5 crucial things that make Lashcode the best mascara on the market

Every woman loves having beautiful and perfectly coated eyelashes. That’s why a mascara is always in our makeup bag. There are ladies who own up to several mascaras at once – each provides them with different effects suitable for various occasions. Often times, mascaras pile up on the bathroom shelves because we still tend to look for something new, something that will be the answer to all of our needs. How to identify a good-quality mascara? Luckily, Lashcode knows the answer to this intriguing question. Discover why Lashcode mascara is considered the iconic eyelash product on the cosmetics market. 

5 reasons that make Lashcode the best mascara out there 

1. A special, ergonomic brush

In general, a mascara brush is of great importance. Thanks to such a tool, we manage to precisely separate the eyelashes and cover them with an even layer of mascara. The wand of Lashcode mascara has just the perfect shape – it grabs even the shortest lashes and allows a trouble-free movement all over the lashline. Also, the brush ensures optimal coverage of the eyelashes with the product – its silicone fibers smoothly slip between each lash and provide an eye-catching curling and alluring styling effect – without sticking lashes together or staining the eyelid.

2. Ultra-black pigments

Are you looking for a mascara that looks impeccable in any, even very intense lighting? That’s exactly how Lashcode works! Thanks to the content of high-grade, ultra-black pigment it doesn’t only cover every lash perfectly, but also nourishes, moisturizes and conditions them. Magnetite is a mineral pigment that happens to be a component of the most prestigious makeup cosmetics – it is valued for its regenerating and nourishing properties.

3. A durable formula

Mascara should be reliable on all occasions – thanks to this feature, we can remain sure that our lashes will look perfect, even in adverse weather conditions. Lashcode provides infallible durability of eyelash makeup – it does not smudge, flake and it does not rub off  – this way, you will be able to enjoy perfectly coated and separated eyelashes throughout the entire day.

4. Powder consistency

The velvety and powdery consistency of the mascara makes the eyelashes evenly covered, and the effect of makeup can be gradually intensified – the mascara does not create lumps and promotes different coverage: from a delicate yet spectacular effect of a day-to-day makeup to a strong, dramatic, evening look.

5. Care ingredients

Lashcode comprises a plant complex that nourishes, regenerates and beautifies eyelashes. It has an active effect on the lashes strengthening them up to the bulbs, reducing excessive fall out, preventing dehydration and deterioration. Soybean and wheat germ extract, Baikal skullcap root extract and arginine are an excellent synergy that provides enhanced care and protection against damage. Care in combination with precise makeup is a rarity in mascaras. Such care for tiny hairs significantly increases the prestige of Lashcode mascara and makes it an extraordinary product.

more information can be found on the official website – lashcode.us

16 Comments “5 crucial things that make Lashcode the best mascara on the market”

  1. Ora34

    The brush is really Wonderful! the mascara gives incredible look 🙂 extra plus for the pitch black color <3

  2. Marss

    the wand is reallyyy coool and the final result? marvel!

  3. Julianne

    Beautifully enhanced lashes, superb look 🙂

  4. NettyT

    I haven’t tried this one but my friend recommeds it so I guess I’ll give it a try soon 😀

  5. MollyG

    This mascara looks really mind-blowing on my lashes but the key thing is it doesn’t irritate my sentisitve eyes!

  6. Paradiso

    I’m a fan of natural makeup products so I put this mascara on my must-have list 🙂

  7. GreenSea3

    I love silicone mascara brushes. If you’re saying it’s so cool I feel like testing it 🙂

  8. cant_get_enough

    I think I’ll stick to this one all my life 😀 lovely curl, extension and volume, and it conditions lashes, it can’t get any better! 😀

  9. Brooke

    It’s the first time I’ve come acrossthis mascara and I’d really love to try this stunner 🙂

  10. Charlotte5

    Outstanding mascara!I recommend it without any hesitations & give it a point for the elegant design <3

  11. Brina_K

    I already have a favourite mascara and I guess I’m not going to replace it with other products

  12. Anii

    like it 🙂 works wonders on my lashes

  13. SelinDion

    this lashcode caught my eye 😀 I’d love to see how it looks on me

  14. little_black_dress

    got it & adore it! 😀

  15. ginger breadd

    I get along with lashcode 😀 no flaking, no smudging, it lasts long but it’s also easy to take off. It’s not cheap but I believe quality product is worth this price.

  16. Beard_Fan

    I don’t know this one but must say it got my attention 🙂


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