Blanx, as my way for obtaining snow-white smile.

Blanx, as my way for obtaining snow-white smile.

As I mentioned in one of my previous entries, I was searching long for an effective manner of making my teeth whitened. The one solution that I’m definitely not going to apply is teeth whitening treatment done at a dentist’s because my teeth are already too sensitive. I’m sure that after such a procedure the condition of my teeth will be only worse. The problem resolved itself when I came across Blanx Med Classic, a whitening toothpaste.

How does it work? Is it effective?

Firstly, comfort of use.

Probably I shouldn’t focus on the package too much, but a toothpaste standing straight is something completely new to me. And this dispenser! There is no need in struggling with the tube in order to get all the residues of the product anymore. I’m sure, a lot of people will share my opinion on that issue.

Secondly, natural composition.

Blanx Med Classic composition is based on two plant extracts, including Iceland moss. As it is commonly known, arctic lichens are rich in many active substances that normalize bacterial flora of oral cavity. The same substances also limit destructive bacteria influence on plaque which decreases the possibility of cariosity risk. What is more, the composition does not include any suspicious (at least for me) or harmful ingredients. Even my delicate teeth feel amazingly after being brushed with Blanx Med.

Thirdly, effectiveness.

It’s time for the most important information in this review. Does Blanx Med Classic White really work? Certainly, Blanx Med turned out to be suitable for me. The delicate enamel of my teeth was not destroyed in any degree, the toothpaste did not irritate me as the teeth are way whiter. Additionally, Blanx Med Classic also managed to eliminate greater discolorations out of my teeth and, what is interesting, I also noticed that small tooth decay disappeared. That was surprising because all I was counting on was making my teeth a few tones whitened, nothing more. When it comes to the effectiveness, I have nothing against Blanx Med.


Now, I’m convinced that regular application of Blanx Med provides healthy and much whither smile. What is another advantage of the product, condition of my teeth and gum is also improved as the breath becomes noticeably fresher. The efficiency of the product is another plus because I didn’t use more than a half of the tube in a month. Additionally, Blanx goes with a kind of tooth whiteness indicator, which makes it easier to observe how colour of our teeth is getting less yellowish. I’m fully satisfied with Blanx Med Classic manner of working.

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