Eyebrow Pomade – Ranking. Check Out TOP 6 Products for Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow Pomade – Ranking. Check Out TOP 6 Products for Eyebrow Makeup

Are you looking for a good eyebrow pomade? Analyzing the market all by yourself can be tough. There are tons of different brow products, prices, colors, results and even texture. How to choose the best brow pomade then? You don’t need to buy random brow fillers to find your top brow pomade! The following ranking will answer the question what eyebrow pomade to pick. Check out the winner and enjoy evenly filled-in, defined eyebrows.

What makeup looks can you create using eyebrow pomade?

  1. Eyebrow pomade defines the finest and barely-there eyebrows. The characteristic paste-like texture ensures easy makeup  which gives eyebrows the desired shape! Using eyebrow pomade, you can go slightly beyond the brow line for a thicker look.
  2. A good-quality eyebrow pomade delivers brow-thickening effects so that the arches look as if done by a pro makeup artist!
  3. The best eyebrow pomade is easy to use even for those who’ve never felt comfortable filling in the eyebrows.
  4. A quality brow pomade is buildable, which means you can add more product for intensified result and coverage. It’s also convenient because despite being long-wear and fast-drying, you can easily brush out the excess if necessary.
  5. Eyebrow pomade delivers definition to perfectly frame the eyes.
  6. The best eyebrow pomades for brow filling are cost-effective and long-lasting: you don’t need touchups.

What’s the best eyebrow pomade?

If you aren’t sure what brow pomade to choose and keep typing in “the best eyebrow pomade” when browsing through the Internet, then you are in the right place. Specially for you, we have tested many brow pomades of various brands, prices and reviews to find the winner. In our ranking, we present only the best eyebrow pomades. Check them out and choose a pomade that will stay in your brow makeup kit!



nanobrow eyebrow pomade

Rating of makeup looks this pomade creates: 10/10

Eyebrow pomade reviews: glowing

What eyebrow pomade is top ranked according to both quality and consumer tests? It is Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade! It proves second to none on the cosmetics market. The brow pomade has an amazing butter-like consistency, perfect pigments, lovely colors, it creates long-lasting makeup looks, plus Nanobrow offers the product at a great price. You can use it for light, day makeup or a bolder brow style for a night out. You can choose one of the beautiful, refined colors. This eyebrow pomade gets the highest ratings and is also recommended by experienced makeup artists!


Rating of makeup looks this pomade creates: 9,5/10

Eyebrow pomade reviews: great

Long-wear effects, full coverage, lots of shades to choose from… this is what the popular brow pomade is like. If you’re searching for intense pigments and high coverage for an equally high price, then this world-famous brow pomade will live up to your expectations. However, it won’t be a good choice if you don’t want to overpay. This brow pomade is a treat for professionals: it’s available in 11 shades! It’s a waterproof brow pomade ensuring nice, long-wear brow makeup.


Rating of makeup looks this pomade creates: 9/10

Eyebrow pomade reviews: positive

Here’s another pricey eyebrow pomade in our round-up. The high price is discouraging, however, the product deserves to be noted: It is a highly-rated eyebrow pomade that has excellent pigmentation and comes in 8 shades. There’s not much choice for brunettes, but blondes and brown-haired women will get the right one out of the colors from Tarte. Another benefit of this brow pomade is the refined, vegan-friendly formula and creamy texture with added brow-enhancing babassu oil.


Rating of makeup looks this pomade creates: 8,5/10

Eyebrow pomade reviews: quite positive

Are you looking for a special brow product for filling in eyebrows, for example a gel-like pomade? This brow pomade will draw your attention! The light texture and easy use as well as many colors to choose from are the things that make it a special cosmetic, many girls’ favorite. The pomade is quite greasy and has the texture of a creamy lipstick. The color range is surely unique: if you’re shopping for a green, blue or red eyebrow pomade, then this brand has them in stock! Kat Von D wanted to make a multipurpose product that is a brow pomade as well as lip liner, lipstick, gel-like eye pencil or blush. This brow pomade is worth testing, but the price is rather discouraging.


Rating of makeup looks this pomade creates: 8/10

Eyebrow pomade reviews: positive

This eyebrow pomade is recommended by some shoppers. They like to review its modern design, quite long-lasting makeup looks, and as many as 8 shades in the offer. It is a top-quality brow product so makeup artists like to use it. Sadly, the price is the thing that discourages most people. According to many users, brows don’t look natural after filling in with this brow pomade.


Rating of makeup looks this pomade creates: 7/10

Eyebrow pomade reviews: okay

Are you looking for an eyebrow pomade to create a wild brow style, not day makeup? You should like this one. You can use it to apply bold brow makeup; the colors are intense and daring – there’s even a deep-black brow pomade. The pigmentation is okay, but makeup fades faster than after other brow fillers from this ranking. It has a tempting price, however, it’s small-sized so it isn’t that budget-friendly after all.

How to use eyebrow pomade?

Filling in the brows with a pomade may seem tricky, however, with a good-quality product, you’ll see that using brow pomade is fast and easy. A priceless hack for you: before you fill in your brows with a brow pomade, think not only about the brilliant cosmetic, but also a quality applicator for effortless eyebrow makeup. For filling in the brows with a pomade, you need a special flat brush with angled bristle. What’s next?

Eyebrow makeup with a brow pomade – the best way

Here’s the most popular and easiest way to fill in eyebrows with a brow pomade.

  1. Use a spoolie to brush through hairs and remove excess of face powder, foundation or other makeup product. Remember that brows are the last stage of your makeup routine.
  2. Do the brow mapping; eyebrow pomade is brilliant to give brows the desired shape; if your brows are uneven, then a good creamy brow pomade is the best brow filler. Scoop a bit on a brush and mark the lower eyebrow line.
  3. Now it’s time to mark the upper eyebrow line using the tip of the brush; remember to keep it more subtle so use soft strokes.
  4. Once the brows are outlined, fill them in with your pomade: apply more product on the brow tail. Moving towards the start of a brow, use less pomade. By doing so, you create ombre effects for natural-looking eyebrows.
  5. As a last step, brush through hairs again and remove excess pomade that might be there. Done!

What’s better for brows, pencil or pomade?

Girls who begin their eyebrow makeup adventure ask what eyebrow product to use – eyebrow pencil or pomade. That obviously depends on your preferences. Many like to combine makeup techniques using both products. Definitely eyebrow pomades deliver longer-lasting results while eyebrow pencil is great to carry in a bag and use it whenever a touchup is needed.

What is the difference between eyebrow pomade and eyebrow gel?

Eyebrow pomade definitely delivers better coverage and lets you achieve bolder brow makeup looks, plus it’s better to fill in sparse areas in the brows. You won’t do that with a brow gel, however, this type of brow product is perfect for smoothening and giving brows the desired shape. A mascara-like brow gel makes a brilliant finishing touch to hold hairs in place and add dimension. Eyebrow gel gives brows a laminated look. Using the products together guarantees better results in eyebrow makeup.

Why does my brow pomade dry up?

It often happens when a pomade jar stays open for too long. There’s a trick to fix dried-up pomade, though. You can easily revive it by adding a drop of beauty oil to your pomade and stirring it gently with a brush – this will make it soft again. There are also special products for fixing dried cosmetics. They’re great and not just for pomades. You can use them to turn your powdery eyeshadow into liquid eyeshadow, revive dried up mascara or change lipstick into a lightweight lip gloss.

What is the best eyebrow pomade for blondes?

How to choose the best color of the pomade for blonde hair? That depends on your skin undertone and eyebrow hair color. Generally, most blondes look good wearing pomade in light brown; cool types of beauty go well with all shades of gray. If you aren’t sure whether you are a warm or cool undertone, then choose neutral light brown shades. Taupe and ash blonde are popular shades of brow pomade for blondes, however, everything depends on your individual features.