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Eyelashes in a beauty salon – lash extension methods

Long eyelashes are often the attribute of feminity. Secret weapon which adds self-confidence and sex appeal. Not every each of us has been presented by nature with long legs but long eyelashes are nowadays at our fingertips. Apart from ingenious and purpose-made eyelash conditioners which guarantee spectacular effect, there are also more invasive methods, still favoured by women. Here’s a list of the most popular methods of eyelash extension.

  1. Let’s go – express method (lasts only 30 minutes), the client sits with eyes closed. The procedure consists in sticking hairs to the line of lashes separately, which gives unusual and sensational effect. It is effective even in case of delicate lashes. The effect lasts up to two weeks.
  2. Nouveau Lashes 1:1 – method known for years, consists in glueing artificial, individual hairs to every natural eyelash (hence the name “one to one” – every real lash gets one artificial lash). The method enjoys popularity because it allows for lengthening and thickening lashes even up to 50% and guarantees that none of the artificial lashes will fall out even with the natural one. The whole procedure takes about two hours, a special and very flexible glue is used which doesn’t solidify even after drying off. Such lashes are supposed to last up to eight weeks.
  3. Nouveau Lashes 3D – women simply love this method because (although the procedure lasts about 3 hours) it gives the effect of stunning thickening. The trick is that not only one but we stick three artificial lashes to one natural. Depending on what women prefer, they can choose among different types of lashes: different length, thickness and structure. You can enjoy the mesmerizig effect even up to 3 months.
  4. Volume Lashes 8 D – it is something brand new, it provides maximum thickening, eightfold better effect than 1:1 method and doesn’t weigh down natural lashes. It is a rescue for women with extremely thin and short lashes. Application is about making professional lash fans made from special lashes. The treatment lasts two hours. The method has been acclaimed by beauty salons as a revolutinary method of eyelash extension.

Long eyelashes are indeed beautfiul and add charm but we should’t go too far because we can end up with drag queen lashes and the effect won’t be beautiful or natural but grotesque. If you don’t need the effect of lengthening immediately, you can go for another revolutionary method which gives perfect lenthening, thickening and care – special condtioner. You will get a glamour effect without invasive use of artificial lash clusters.


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