Face yoga – effects of regular practice. Does it work?

Face yoga – effects of regular practice. Does it work?

As I promised to myself, and for the needs of the review, I have been practising face yoga for the last few weeks. I wanted to find out whether this is an effective relaxing method, which additionally is supposed to produce plenty of benefits. But first let me start from the beginning.

Which exercises did I do?

Face yoga is a set of several exercises, which were mentioned in my last entry. Now, I’m going to describe briefly which exercises I practiced in order to achieve particular effects. Buddha Face is an exercise which aim is to relax muscles and smooth face therefore, it is worth doing it as the first one. Lion pose helps with relaxation whereas Surprise Me! is a set of mimic movements that are responsible for both banishing frown lines and making our eyes a little bit wider (due to strengthening of ring eye muscles). While focusing on the eye area, it is worth doing Temple Dancer Eyes because this exercise helps with preventing sagging and crow’s feet. Satchmo strengthens cheek muscles making them more tautened, Marilyn in turn focuses on ring lip muscles making mouth more defined. Baby Bird, the last exercise I was practising, was to improve condition and restore the elasticity to chin, neck and button. After each session of face yoga, I done basic face massage that eliminates tension, relaxes muscles and boost blood circulation.

What are the results of face yoga?

First and foremost, face yoga relaxes. Doing each exercise gave me a lot of pleasure. Obviously, I was laughing my head off because of all the faces I made. I looked simply hilarious. I recommend practising face yoga in front of a mirror – relaxing and rejuvenating hell of a fun guaranteed ­čśë

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: owning to regular sessions of exercises, my face has gained fresh look. Now, I’m fare away from the problem of sagging because evening session of face yoga improved blood circulation and my face is finally well-rested. And the most important part! My double chin disappeared! And I was fighting against it for a long time. Furthermore, thanks to face yoga, contour of my face has become┬ásubstantially improved.

Is face yoga suitable for everybody?

I’ve to admit, I’m greatly surprised by the effects face yoga produces. I didn’t expect that look of my face can be enhanced without applying any creams nor undergoing any beauty treatments. Certainly, some people will be more successful at face yoga then others, however, it is definitely worth trying it out!

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