Face yoga, is it really effective face rejuvenating treatment?

Face yoga, is it really effective face rejuvenating treatment?

Yoga rejuvenates – relaxation, breathing exercises and self-massage are effective methods restoring healthy look of skin. Although yoga is a practice known and favoured by many people, then face yoga remains rather a remote concept. What is face yoga in particular? Why did I decide to give a try to this practice?

Our face is composed of approximately 50 muscles (including mimic muscles). Obviously, their role is more complex than just enabling us to smile or blink. Most of the muscles are also responsible for proper skin tautening. As it is widely-know, with age our skin and muscles are getting more and more flabby. Fortunately, thanks to face yoga we can improve their condition and resilience.

What are the benefits of face yoga?

  • it improves skin nourishment,
  • eliminates dark circles and sagging under eyes,
  • reduces visibility of wrinkles,
  • gifts skin with healthy radiance,
  • firms and smooths skin,
  • evens skin tone,
  • shapes face contour,
  • facilitates removing toxins from an organism,
  • eliminates double chin,
  • relaxes.

Natural face lifting thanks to exercises – who would not be tempted with that? Several-minute face yoga performed everyday (I’m going to ‘exercise’ each evening, at bedtime) produces marvellous psychophysical effects. Obviously, I count on the outcomes that are visible to the naked eye – the general improvement of complexion, smoothing of face and restoring this youthful radiance I miss so much.

The most important is that face yoga can be performed literary anywhere. We do not require any special equipment nor space in order to provide our face with a little bit of relaxation. Another advantage to mention, just after two or three weeks of regular face exercises the improvement should be noticeable. I’m excited and full of hope that face yoga will become my favourite way of relaxation, manner of improving my look and that the procedure will counteract early ageing of the skin.

I’m going to start today evening. I’m going to do all the exercises regularly (the owl, jowl buster, the pufferfish, kiss the sky, shifty eyes, smile smoother, the frown buster, giraffe, marlin, Buddha face and free tongue). I’ll also enhance the exercises by giving massages to the energy points of face. I’ll get back to you in a few weeks!

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