Feel the power of simplicity. New eye shadows bareMinerals The Power Neutrals

Feel the power of simplicity. New eye shadows bareMinerals The Power Neutrals

Eye shadow palette The Power Neutrals from bareMinerals is a true thing of beauty among mineral cosmetics. Every girl who will test this product, will certainly be delighted with the shades and natural composition.

In new palette from bareMinerals The Power Neutrals you will find eight shades. All of them give natural finish to the eye make-up. They match the skin complexion, gently exhibit iris and highlight natural beauty of woman’s face. Palette is equipped in shades of brown, beige, grey and pink. All eye shadows are highly pigmented, so make-up is durable, expressive and intense. Despite loose consistency, eye shadows do not flake off or rub off in the hot days and are crease resistant. You can mix eye shadows freely, in all kinds of make-up patterns you can think of.

Cosmetics from bareMinerals, including eye shadow palette The Power Neutrals, contain natural ingredients. We can enumerate: silicon, zinc, mica, mineral colourants, vegetable extracts and marine algae extract. On one hand, those substances provide beautiful appearance and on the other take care of skin. Natural ingredients of eye shadows do not cause irritations and are gentle to sensitive eyes. What is more, they absorb excess sebum, prevent shine of eye area and help with minor imperfections.

How should you apply eye shadows bareMinerals The Power Neutrals? Helpful will be an applicator and a mirror attached to the product. On top of that, cosmetic can be easily used for smoky eye make-up. The lightest shade of the product should be applied in the inner eye corner and the darkest in the external corner. However, the entire eyelid should be covered with colours between the lightest and the darkest to create smooth passage of colours. This effect is called blending. The final result looks stunning.

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