How to Care for Hands? Home Treatments & Hand SPA

How to Care for Hands? Home Treatments & Hand SPA

Dry, damaged hands definitely need repair. Low temperature, freezing weather, dry air indoors, antibacterial soaps and washes: this is a list of things that give our hands a hard time. See how to make them better with the best home treatments and ideas for home spa.

Everyday hand care: how to care for your hands?

1. Use a good lotion repeatedly during the day.

A good hand lotion nourishes and strengthens the epidermis but also moisturizes and forms a protective coating on its surface. Make sure yours contains lots of natural repairing ingredients. Avoid parabens, oil derivatives and alcoholes which dry out the skin.

2. Put on gloves in the fall and winter.

Even if it isn’t freezing cold yet, remember that hand skin doesn’t handle coolness well. Weather conditions have a big impact on the skin. That is the very reason why gloves are essential. You will avoid premature hand skin aging, which gives fruits in the future.

3. Protect your hands against detergents.

Whenever you get down to household chores like doing the dishes or washing the worktops, put on rubber gloves to secure the skin against the damaging effect of detergents. Remember that cleaning products are packed with chemicals so they easily cause skin irritations.

Speaking of gloves, they come in useful for skin-care treatments. Apply a thick layer of a rich cream on the hands and put on cotton gloves. Go to sleep, take off the gloves in the morning and boast the skin that has never been so soft and smooth!

4. Use a scrub.

If you want to speed up the repair of the hand skin, use a scrub regularly. Get a readymade scrub or do it yourself: natural exfoliant gives amazing effects. You simply mix some sugar, honey and natural oil (olive oil, argan oil, almond oil or macadamia oil). Instead of sugar, feel free to use other abrasive ingredients e.g. rolled oats, salt, coffee grounds, etc.

Aloe gel is another brilliant hand-enhancing ingredient – both as a base for a scrub and a hand lotion. Mix it with sugar, coffee grounds or rolled oats and that’s it! Enrich your exfoliant with any ingredient you like, for example vitamin E, oils, body butter, white or pink cosmetic clay, flax seeds (both flax seeds and flax seed gel are great to repair damaged skin on hands).


Home hand spa is an excellent way to strengthen and repair the skin fast. You just need to do it once or twice a week (if the skin is extremely ruined). Mix olive oil (ideally, heat it up to 40 celsius degrees) with a few drops of vitamin A and E (available at the drugstore and natural beauty stores). Enrich the blend with a spoon of lemon juice (around 10-15 ml). Lemon brilliantly revitalizes and brightens the skin on hands.

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