How to Care for Skin? TOP 7 Tips from Cosmetologists

How to Care for Skin? TOP 7 Tips from Cosmetologists

Do you think you are the only one suffering because of skin blemishes? You’re not! Every other woman has some skin-care problems, big or minor ones. Cosmetologists see eye to eye: most of them are caused by the wrong skin-care routine. See 7 tips they share for the best face care ever.

We need to share the secrets to a successful skin-care routine because girls fail trying to improve their skin way too often. We round up top 7 tips from cosmetologists that are very useful. Use this brief guide and your skin will repay you looking flawless and free from hated irritations and spots.


1. Make-up remover, cleanser, toner – never forget about the trio.

The three basic steps in skin care involve removing make-up thoroughly, clearing the face of dirt and balancing the pH levels. This is essential to make it possible for products you use next to penetrate the skin for effective conditioning.

2. Skin-care products – customize them to your skin type.

To make the skin care give the desired effect, you can’t just use any random product. All actions must be based on products dedicated to your skin type – this way the results appear really fast. If you’re unsure what your type is, ask a dermatologist for help and some tips on choosing the best products.

3. Eye cream – it isn’t optional, it’s essential.

Sadly, very few women realize the importance of eye creams. Even if the skin is young and wrinkle-free, this face area is always the most delicate. That is why cosmetologists underline that using an eye cream which hydrates, strengthens the capillaries, prevents dark circles and adds elasticity is a must.

4. Hydrating the facial skin – use a quality moisturizer or serum.

Any skin (no matter if it’s dry or oily) needs hydrating. 3/4 of the body is made up of water: without it, the skin loses plumpness, radiance and freshnes. This is what makes hydration as important as cleansing. Let’s remember, though, that water isn’t enough to moisturize the skin: you also need a good moisturizer or face serum holding hyaluronic acid, for example.

5. Sun protection – use it to keep skin healthy and flawless.

The sun is the skin’s top enemy. The solar radiation powerfully breaks down the collagen and elastin bonds, and makes the skin lose its resources of natural hyaluronic acid. In turn, the level of elasticity and hydration drops so the skin is dull, dry, coarse and life-less. To avoid that, use sun protection every day and not just in the summertime.

6. Facial exfoliant – remove dead skin cells regularly.

Without doubts, most face skin problems (incl. acne, dark spots, blackheads) are caused by the lack of proper cleansing routine. What is it that we should clear the skin of then? Apart from make-up, toxins or face oil, we must free it of dead cells which cause problems if you let them accumulate. So, it’s essential to exfoliate the skin using the most powerful tool: scrub.

7. Before applying products – always wash the hands.

This simple activity before applying products makes all the difference. It is supposed to prevent transferring bacteria and dirt from the hands onto the face. Basic hygiene is a brilliant way to avoid acne or irritations.

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