How to store cosmetics?

How to store cosmetics?

As every woman, you probably also have a lot of cosmetics. Part of them in the bathroom, other in the drawer in your bedroom and all the rest do not fit in your cosmetic bag any more. If you have no ideas for storage of lipsticks, foundations, perfumes and creams, this article is for you.

Before you place all your cosmetics in a plastic organiser or a cosmetic bag, you should find the right place for them. Pay attention to whether baskets or chests interrupt free movement around the room or clutter the bathroom, because you don’t want that. Choose the gadgets that match interior decor of your flat. Remember, that some of them will fulfil decoration function as well. And so, you can place your cosmetics in: wooden chests, toolboxes, decorative boxes, jars, jugs and other original items.

Wooden chests look very pretty. Not only they match the furniture and flat’s decor, but can also fit all the cosmetics. In the paper shop or carpenter’s shop is plenty of this type of chests. Some of them are equipped with mirror and drawers, where you can place all the cosmetics. Because most of chests are available without any decorations, you can become an artist and do it on your own. Lately really popular method of furniture decoration is decoupage. In this technique you apply colourful paper on wooden surfaces.

Plastic chests with compartments are also great for storage of cosmetics. They are similar to toolboxes men own. Remember only that, once in a while you have to clean the inside of the box. Perhaps those boxes do not look too aesthetic, but you can always hide them in the drawer or decorate with paper and stickers. Certainly you will love those chests for their click-fit and a grip.

Cosmetics can be stored in colourful boxes. Most of them are made of a cardboard and decorated with material. For this reason you have to be careful and not get them wet. Colour and texture of the box can be chosen accordingly to the flat’s decor. Only some of boxes have compartments. If you care about your cosmetics being beautifully neaten, you can make the compartments on your own. You just have to use thick texture and strong glue.

Jars, mugs and baskets can also really well work as an organisers for cosmetics. Especially when you decorate them. You can use almost everything: ribbon, colourful stones, paint for glass. You can place make-up brushes in a tall glass and creams and foundations to a basket padded with some soft material. Remember only about regular cleaning of the containers.

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