L’Oreal False Lash Wings – Comparison of mascaras Intezna and Sculpt

L’Oreal False Lash Wings – Comparison of mascaras Intezna and Sculpt

The same line, similar premise (length and extreme volume); two different mascaras, two innovative wands. What makes them similar? And what makes them different? What are the effects provided by both mascaras? Which one should you choose for yourself? Read below comparison.

1. False Lash Wings Intenza Mascara

The red bottle holds unusual wand. It is a silicon and empty inside spiral, which bristle is placed on widely formed flexible ribs formed on one side and connected at the tip of the wand. Its shape resembles closed flower bud.

During its use, the entire spiral works on effect of beautiful eyelashes – its flexible and ductile, short bristle wrap each eyelash no matter their length and covers them with mascara to increase their volume. While, its long bristle task is to provide length and curl.

Depending on the make-up you want to achieve, you can intensify mascara effect by application of another layers with no fear that they will clump. False Lash Wings Intenza will beautifully separate them and provide extreme length. This mascara is perfect for women who love visible black and stunning eyelashes. Even daytime eye make-up will look quite unusual, because effect of long and dense lashes is extremely visible. Choose False Lash Wings Intenza if your lashes are short and fine and you want them to be curled and extremely black.

Intezna2. False Lash Wings Sculpt

The blue mascara from False Lash line is currently the novelty on the market. It became the apple of the eye of this brand, and it all because of make-up trend you can achieve with it. This mascara creates on the water line effect of so called “tightline” – perfectly black line that optically thickens amount of eyelashes around your eye. You can go ahead and forget about the eye pencil or eyeliner. Sculpt will create it on your eye sort of “casually”.

The innovation is the wand – it resembles wide comb with three rows of various length bristle in the V shape. It is all to make your make-up perfect and provide eyelashes with spectacular volume and length. Wand fulfils its task really well and eyelashes line is beautifully underlined and darkened. Choose this mascara if you like an effect of spectacular eyelashes (they are truly shamelessly long and dense) and you never leave home without line on your eyelid. It is perfect for all women who have fine and short eyelashes.

To sum up – False Lash line mascaras are not innocent – with their help you can achieve quite intense and spectacular make-up effect and it only depends on you how much your eyelashes will be visible. As much as Intenza has more classical approach towards make-up, Sculpt will provide a bit more unusual effect – it will take care of eye make-up, but also of perfect line on the water line. If you are supporter of delicate and softly underlined eye then make friends with the first, red mascara Intenza.

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