Make-up removal products for eyes – Types and Functions

Make-up removal products for eyes – Types and Functions

Make-up removal of eyes is an extremely important everyday action, which must be performed thoroughly. However, it shouldn’t be the cause of your headache. The most frequent issue with make-up removal is not so much its execution, but choice of right product. We will help you choose right cosmetic to deal with your make-up.

Types of make-up removal products:

  1. Cleansing milk – well-known and popular make-up removal product. It is a thick emulsion that is made of water and oil substances combined with properly picked emulsifier. Cleansing milk is delicate, because its task is to additionally sooth irritations. It is best for dry skin, though in dragstores are available all kinds of cleansing milks, also for normal, combination or oily skin. Ladies with sensitive skin will find perfect product for themselves as well.
  2. Bi-phased make-up remover – is dedicated exclusively for make-up removal of eyes and is great in dissolving waterproof cosmetics. It is made of two layers – two separated liquids. Oil layer is floating on the top and the water layer stays at the bottom of the bottle. It does not contain emulsifier, which would combine both substances, so you need to do that on your own by shaking the bottle before application on cotton pad.
  3. Micellar water – when they first appeared on the cosmetic market, they caused true revolution. Women love it because of its universal function of face gel, make-up remover and tonic. It is used both for make-up removal of eyes and face make-up, but also helps save a lot of time and money. One cosmetic is able to provide you with an entire skin care ritual. The secret of micellar water is hidden in the micelles, which are tiny round particles that absorb impurities created on skin over the day as well as sebum. At the same time, they release valuable active substances (different in accordance to product and its price). Micellar water does not damage protective barrier of skin. What is more, product can be seen in various versions and every woman can choose it accordingly to her skin type.
  4. Make-up removal wipes – have tempting form, because you can take them anywhere and are easy in use: you just have to take one wet tissue out and wipe with it your face. Wipes are perfect in the travel, however they are not recommended for everyday use. It is because regular use of wipes can cause skin irritations and wrinkles. Imprecise make-up removal and rush can also, instead of removing make-up and impurities, just spread them on the face.

Choice of right cosmetic is yours. It depends on your preferences and amount of money you want to spend. Remember to choose it accordingly to your skin type and to check cosmetic’s composition. Best are those gentle to skin, eco, with no colourants, silicones, parabens and that were not animal tested.

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