Mineral cosmetics are the best! Matte foundation Annabelle Minerals

Mineral cosmetics are the best! Matte foundation Annabelle Minerals

Annabelle Minerals is known for manufacturing mineral cosmetics. Why are those products so willingly chosen by women? Well, they have gentle properties, give amazing effects and their natural ingredients have the best impact on our skin.

Annabelle Minerals foundations can be categorised into matte, radiant and coverage. For people with combination or oily skin the most appropriate will be matte cosmetics. They absorb excess sebum, prevent shine of face and calm skin inflammations. On top of that, it camouflages imperfections, regulates work of sebaceous glands and has antibacterial properties. Radiant foundations are recommended to people with dull and mature skin. They provide skin with glow and make face fresh and radiant. Shimmering particles will also be great addition to the make-up. People who deal with skin imperfections or dark circles around eyes should try coverage foundation from Annabelle Minerals.

Those will not only help in creation of beautiful and natural make-up, but also heal and beautify skin. Annabelle Minerals foundations contain substances, which handle all skin imperfections. To those substances we can count in zinc and mica. All products have delicate consistency, which matches skin complexion, does not create smudges or spots. In one packaging are 4 g or 10 g of valuable powder.

How should you apply Annabelle Minerals foundation? For make-up use brush with natural bristle. To gain better effects, spray it with thermal water or your favourite hydrolates. Small amount of foundation place on the top of the jar. Gather the powder with the brush and gently flick the excess product. For satisfying results small amount of foundation is enough. Remember to administer cosmetic evenly on skin and rub it outside the jaw line. If you want, you can apply another layer of foundation.

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