Month with gold facial massager from DermoFuture

Month with gold facial massager from DermoFuture

I just finished a month long lifting treatment with this years novelty – DermoFuture. I bought pulse face massager with 24-carat gold because I wanted to get rid of first signs of elasticity loss by skin – laughter lines, wrinkles around lips, eyes and forehead, but also visible skin matt.

First few days of use

I have to admit that at first it was difficult to get use to use of DermoFuture twice everyday, in the morning and in the evening. My memory was tricking me and sometimes I just didn’t have time because I got up late. In spite of it, by the end of first week (after placing this gold massager in a visible spot) use of massager became my routine. Big plus is a fact that DermoFuture made its device handy, so I could perform massage with one hand and eat my breakfast with the other one. The pulsing turned out to be really pleasurable and relaxing, and so is the skin after use of this product.

Effects of lifting treatment

Ions of gold, which are released from the head of DermoFuture massager to skin, have properties similar to lifting. The difference is that gold is a natural element, so doesn’t cause any side effects as it can happen with use of Botox. DermoFuture gives almost identical effects as Botox! Only that my face gained glow and softness without artificial ingredients. Blood circulation boost, skin strengthening and regeneration are visible after first week. All of the changes that appeared on my face (e.g. crow’s feet and wrinkles) disappeared almost completely after month treatment. Pulse massager truly made my skin more elastic.

To sum up

With clear conscience I can recommend face massager with 24-carat gold from DermoFuture Precision, because I tested on myself that manufacturer fulfilled his promise and product is very effective. My face is radiant, contour is more delicate and skin tighten and hydrated.

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