New eye shadows Chanel Empreinte Du Desert

New eye shadows Chanel Empreinte Du Desert

Chanel knows what elegance is. Hence, in their cosmetic collection is one, but truly special cosmetic. We are taking about eye shadow palette Empreinte Du Desert, which creation was inspired by the sunset. What is so special about this product?

Eye shadows from Chanel have compact packaging. Inside are two small applicators and a mirror. However, it is not the box that deserves the attention, but the texture and colour of cosmetics. The surface of eye shadows resemble clouds ragged by the evening wind and illuminated by the sun setting. In palette are two shades of brown and shades of bottle green and golden. All of them contain sparkling particles. They look fantastic on the eyelids and in a brilliant way compose with brown and green iris. Those shades will fit greatly blonde and brown hair.

Chanel made sure that their eye shadows, Empreinte Du Desert, will last long on eyelids, do not flake off and their colour do not fade. Texture of the product is creamy and delicate. You have no idea how easy is its application. Cosmetic settles on skin of eyelids and provides intense colour in a matter of few seconds. If you want to create uncanny eye make-up, then blend all eye shadows together. By applying several layers of each of them, you can gain an expressive effect. You can equally well apply only one, chosen by you, shade.

Chanel Empreinte Du Desert were ophthalmologists tested. They are fully safe and recommended even to people wearing contact lenses and having sensitive eyes and skin around eyes. What is more, they do not contain talc and do not provide matte. On the contrary, they make skin more radiant and ensure natural glow.

Eye make-up can be complemented by eye pencils Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof. This cosmetic will perfectly work on a summer hot days. On top of that, you can choose out of 21 shades. For make-up with Chanel eye shadows, best will be shades of brown and green.

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