New trend in manicure! Thermal hybrid nail polish EM Nail

New trend in manicure! Thermal hybrid nail polish EM Nail

Sounds like a riddle, doesn’t it? But there’s nothing mysterious about it. It’s about hybrid nail polish which over the temperature changes colour. Maybe it’s nothing unusual but it may be eye-catching. Your friends surely will be jealous of your manicure.

Thermal nail polish from EM Nail combines the qualitites of hybrid nail polish and nail polish which reacts to high or low temperature. What does it mean to manicure lovers? Girls will enjoy manicure that is long-lasting and resistant to damage as well as changes the colour. It’s like in case of special car paintwork, jewellery or coffee cap. Nail polish changes the colour under 30°C. For thermal manicure you will need: UV or LED lamp, base coat and top coat. In the collection of EM Nail thermal nail polishes we will find 23 shades, including 5 glittery ones.

How to do thermal manicure?

We start with preparing the nail’s plate. We remove the old nail polish and buff our nails. We remove the dust with a brush. Then we use a cotton pad wetted in polish nail remover to clean the nails. In this way we will get rid of dirt and grease from the nail and the skin around the nail. Another step is the application of primer and base coat. We harden the first layer of nail polishes under UV lamp. Then we choose a colour and paint our nails twice. Every layer must be cured under UV lamp. Lastly, we apply top coat, when it dries off – we cleanse our nails with a special cleaner. Thermal manicure is ready.

What are possible effects?

Under the temperature, pink and violet nail polishes change into dark violet, dark blue or black. Manicure with yellow and orange thermal nail polish looks much more interesting. They change into green, red or coral. Glittery nail polish also gives an amazing effect. Glistening pigments flicker on a colourful nail plate.

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