Recommended brow serums: RANKING!

Recommended brow serums: RANKING!

A brow serum is a product used for stimulating hair growth and improving the overall appearance of eyebrows. It’s usually held in a small container with a brush or a spoolie that you use to apply the product directly to the brows.

The composition of a good brow serum should consist of vitamins, minerals, plant ingredients known for promoting hair growth as well as nurturing components that leave eyebrow hairs looking healthy and shiny.  An active brow serum might be composed of constituents stimulating hair growth such as biotin or ingredients that nourish and condition hair, such as vitamin E. Some brow enhancers are made of pigments, responsible for darkening and thickening eyebrows.

When to start using a brow serum? You should think about it if you suffer from excessive brow hair loss, your arches are filled with sparse areas and your hair is short, weak and fragile.
Using brow serums: when using brow serums, it’s important to follow the instructions on the package as an improper application or excessive use of serums might cause irritation or other side effects.

A brow serum should be applied on clean, dry eyebrows, preferably before bedtime. Remember to remove your makeup thoroughly first and get rid of any cosmetic residue so the ingredients of the serum are able to penetrate into hair follicles. As soon as you achieve satisfactory results, continue using the serum at least 2-3 times a week to maintain the effect. It is advised to perform an allergy test before first use.

Brow serum:

  • promotes hair growth,
  • strengthens follicles,
  • inhibits hair loss,
  • moisturizes and boosts shine,
  • thickens,
  • ensures fuller arches.

Brow serums make dreams come true – if thick eyebrows are your goal, check out the best conditioners that will help you achieve it.


#1 Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum

nanobrow brow serum reviews

The opinions speak for themselves – the product earns the highest ratings from satisfied consumers all over the world. Nanobrow thickens, strengthens and improves eyebrow appearance significantly in just 30 days. The Nanobrow serum’s active ingredients aim at the root of the problem of sparse and falling-out hairs – penetrating hair follicles. It contains the best combination of nurturing ingredients that stimulate and strengthen follicles: peptides, soybean germ extract, wheat germ extract, ginseng extract, arginine, baicalein, and panthenol. To put it simply, Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum provides eyebrows with everything that is essential for their regeneration and maintaining good condition. It reverses damage, darkens hair colour, improves symmetry and masks gaps and patches even if they’re caused by excessive hair loss. Nanobrow is a brow serum safe for those with sensitive eyes and delicate skin.

Size: 5ml

#2 XBrow Eyebrow Conditioner

brow serum reviews

The XBrow serum is created of natural ingredients that leave your eyebrow hairs stronger, healthier and shinier. It prioritizes faster hair growth and the effects of use are noticeable after about a month. The product is equipped with an applicator in the form of a little brush that lets you coat eyebrows from roots to ends. The XBrow’s conditioner contains biotin, green tea and hydrolyzed wheat proteins. The formula is delicate and non-irritating for the skin.

Size: 3 ml

#3 RevitaBrow Advanced

brow serum reviews

The RevitaBrow serum’s lightweight and carefully composed formula helps reduce the problem of weak eyebrows by providing them with valuable nourishing ingredients. A patented biopeptide complex protects hair from damage, breakage and falling out. The product is made of a combination of constituents such as biotin, peptides, and panthenol, responsible for conditioning and strengthening hair follicles. Unfortunately, a noticeable difference is visible after 8 weeks.

Size: 1.5ml / 3 ml

#4 The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Lash & Brow Serum

brow serum reviews

A concentrated eyebrow serum that leaves eyebrow hair as well as eyelashes stronger and thicker, boosting their growth. Caffeine, which is present in the serum’s composition, stimulates microcirculation and activates the growth of new hairs. The peptide complex helps prevent excessive hair loss, and is regenerating and strengthening. The product’s formula is based on natural plant extracts such as extracts from European larch, field clover flowers or green tea.

Size: 5 ml