Serious business. Mascara So Curl from Sisley

Serious business. Mascara So Curl from Sisley

There are many manufacturers who offer us spectacular and stunning effects, but at what cost? Dry, weak and weighted down with heavy pigments eyelashes are additionally pulled during the evening make-up removal. Does beauty have to go hand in hand with sacrifice (in this case of eyelashes condition)? Well, no. Sisley wants to meet demands of women who require from mascara beautiful and long lashes that at the same time are well taken care of. Therefore, they created mascara that not only works like an eyelash curler but also – by contrast – works as an eyelash conditioner.

So Curl holds an amazing power of conditioning ingredients, and it is all to create durable protective layer on the surface of eyelashes. Among them are:

  • provitamin B5, which not only strengthens, but also provides eyelashes with dense,
  • phytoceramides obtained from rice with properties like ceramides, i.e. they cover eyelashes and take care of their durability and guarantee their resistance,
  • passiflora extract and castor oil, which sooth all kinds of irritations, including mechanical, caused by make-up removal; they additionally moisturise and revitalise,
  • vitamin peptides that reach bulbs and stimulate their work and make eyelashes more resilient – i.e. they do not fall out that easily,
  • arginine is a substance stimulating work of follicles.

The group of those ingredients became an army fighting for the well-being of our eyelashes. It modifies their regeneration, nourishes, moisturises and revitalises by reaching inner eyelash structures.

What about make-up? After all, to main tasks of mascara belongs eyelash make-up not conditioning. So Curl does not disappoint in that matter as well. By using it, you will ensure eyelashes with:

  • long lasting effect of curl,
  • preservation of gained, curled eyelashes,
  • perfect consistency that provides even administration of cosmetic and perfect separation of eyelashes,
  • eyelashes become beautifully covered with colour, optically thickened and denser,
  • ensures long lasting effect of “open eye”,
  • perfect structure of mascara, which does not flake or smudge and provide every woman with feeling of confidence as to quality and uniqueness of their eyelashes.

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