Skin Care the French Way: Top Products!

Skin Care the French Way: Top Products!

Let’s rummage about in the beauty bags of famous French girls, celebs and “it girls” from the land of Coco Chanel to discover their secret to flawless complexion. What products make them look stunning? Are you curious about their must-haves?

The best skin-care products that French beauties swear by

1. Micellar water

Is micellar water really the best product for removing make-up? It is if it’s good quality and if you wash the face afterwards – left on the skin it’s going to attract the dirt! Choose natural micellar water made up of beneficial substances.

French women love to use micelles to cleanse the face because hard water harms dry, sensitive skins. Micellar water is a saver because it’s very gentle, hypoallergenic and suitable for any skin type, even if it’s problematic.

2. Herbal, floral and thermal water

France is famous for the world’s best health resorts and healing thermal waters. The Avène water is an example. It effectively soothes the skin and works well even for treating atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions. Floral or herbal water is another beneficial product and the lavender water is the top choice in France. It has a great conditioning effect, makes the skin smoother and more radiant, plumps the face up, prevents wrinkles and helps treat all kinds of blemishes.

3. Fruit acids for skin

No matter if you use an acid-rich toner (the latest blogosphere hit), sheet masks or maybe a fine facial serum is your ally when cleansing and smoothing the skin – acids always perfectly repair, purify and revitalize the skin. A good acid-based product keeps the skin flawless and removes the buildup of dead cells.

Skin toners, masks and scrubs that contain glycolic acid ensure the smoothness, making the French women’s skin free from acne and pigmentation spots.

4. Dry oil

French women think highly of multi-purpose products so beauty oil is a must in their beauty kits. The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil is their top pick – it looks like perfume and is a favorite of all Parisian “It Girls” and world-famous celebrities.

What makes the dry oil sublime? Most of all it’s non-comedogenic and absorbed fast so it doesn’t leave a greasy, shiny layer on the skin. Additionally, it makes the face silky. If you like, use a substitute like a lightweight, perfectly absorbed jojoba oil or plum seed oil. The other one has an antiaging effect.

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