TEST: Does Blanx Med Classic work?

TEST: Does Blanx Med Classic work?

Since I remember, I have always been trying to conquer the problem of my not-that-white teeth. Unfortunately, all methods I used to apply belied totally. Currently, I’m looking for a preparation that could whiten my teeth in a non-invasive and successful manner. I know, I should make an appointment and have a teeth whitening treatment done, but I’m not convinced, this would be the best idea for me since my teeth are rather sensitive and weak. I don’t want to deteriorate condition of my teeth more by exposing them to such procedures.

Yesterday, Blanx Med toothpaste came to my hands. I noticed it at my friend’s. I’ve heard that this novelty is called ‘aphrodisiac for your teeth’. My friend has been testing Blanx Med Intensive, so the toothpaste responsible for intensive elimination of discolorations, which tend to develop because of, for example, cigarette smoking, coffee or red wine consumption. I wanted to start with something of weaker formula, therefore I reached for classic version of Blanx Med. What is interesting, Blanx offers quite a few kinds of toothpastes such as Blanx Med Anti-Plaque, Blanx Med Anti-Age, Blanx Med Active Enamel Protection, Blanx Med Sensitive Teeth and Blanx Med Sensitive Gum. Everybody can find something that can satisfy their needs.

My choice, Blanx Med Classic is a product containing Iceland moss extract (Cetraria Islandica) as well as Usnea Barbata extract. Despite the natural extracts, the toothpaste contains aqua, glycerine, hydrous silica (a polishing substance), sorbitol (provides sweet flavour), silica, cellulose gum (a thickening agent), xylitol, sodium fluoride (a substance counteracting tooth decay) and other. Generally speaking, I didn’t notice anything suspicious in the composition, therefore, the toothpaste seems promising.

The toothpaste is sold in an untypical tube with a dispenser – not in a regular tube which is hard to get the residues of the product from. My first impressions connected with the flavour and consistency are O.K. The toothpaste has a pleasant scent. This was a surprise because in most cases, a whitening toothpaste has rather chemical flavour. I assume, the product will have sweet taste because of xylitol and sorbitol. I’ll find it out later.

According to the producer’s claims, Blanx Med White Teeth is a safe toothpaste of whitening action. I do hope, the product will manage to cope with the yellowish discolorations of my teeth without doing any harm to them. As I have said before, the product looks promising, but I’ll come back with the results of my test in a few weeks.

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