Test of DermoFuture Massager with 24-carat Gold

Test of DermoFuture Massager with 24-carat Gold

January novelties in nourishing products are a positive surprise. Few days ago I bought Pulse Massager from DermoFuture with innovative formula with pure gold, which had its premier at the beginning of this year. I am really curious about effects it brings, that is why I will perform test of gold face massager from DermoFuture specially for you.

Few words on the product

Pulse Massager with head enriched with 24-carat gold costs little in comparison to other face massagers. Encourages not only the price, but also enriched head with 99,9% of pure gold. Ions of gold are being released to skin during massage and stimulate, strengthen and regenerate skin structure. Massager should give pleasurable feeling thanks to subtle pulsing with 6.5 thousand of vibrations per minute.

Manufacturer’s promise

DermoFuture Precision meets expectations of women dealing with lack of elasticity, appearing or already visible wrinkles and crow’s feet. For now I only start to notice some small signs of ageing, but I much rather prevent than cure wrinkles. 🙂

Pulse Massager with 24-carat gold head is advertised as a massager, which helps maintain facial contours, improves oval face and regenerates skin cells. I think that is what I need to preserve young and fresh face.

About product

Pulse Massager with gold from DermoFuture is very different from massagers I used to use. It is smaller and easier. It has great grip, because of its size, but it is also handy and resembles a bit a syringe or a pen. Manufacturer describes it with a T-shape. DermoFuture massager seems promising. I hope that everyday use (DermoFuture is recommended to use twice a day for few minutes) won’t cause any difficulties. I’ll be back with my experiences and opinion.

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