ThermoCut TC 400 – Cutting hair with heat

ThermoCut TC 400 – Cutting hair with heat

ThermoCut TC 400 is yet another novelty from hairdressers. Probably, most of hair lovers already tried it. See for yourself if this original hair cut method is something for you as well.

ThermoCut TC 400 is a device used in cutting hair with heat. To special device are plugged in a scissors, which blades are heated up to temperature above 100°C. However, doesn’t cutting hair with heat damage hair just like straightening, blow drying or use of curler? As it turns out, it doesn’t. ThermoCut TC 400 has almost benign influence on hair. Well, high temperature has harmful influence on hair, but only if it is used on their entire length. However, it is quite different with ends. Thermo scissors prevent split ends and during cutting, ends are being sealed. Blades are covered with titanium isolation, they have rounded and polished edges, what additionally protects hair against damages.

How does the procedure of cutting hair with heat look like? It is no different from standard visit at hairdresser’s. First, hair are washed twice (with a shampoo and a conditioner). If client wants, hair stylist can apply colour or highlights. This season top trends are pixels and ombre. Then hair are being cut with ThermoCut TC 400. Important: it is done on still wet hair. Furthermore, hair stylist has to be careful not to burn client’s face or neck. Before proceeding with drying, on hair is applied protective preparation. Your new hair cut is ready!

ThermoCut TC 400 brand has in its offer also other hairdresser’s equipment for stylisation with heat. Available are hair-cutting shears (scissors dedicated for layering), razor (for stylisation of also female hair cuts). However, it is quite expensive procedure, so not everyone can try it.

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