Think before you do. All you need to know about tattoo

Think before you do. All you need to know about tattoo

Before you decide on tattoo, you should know the answers to few important questions. And we are not taking the pattern or a price. There is a lot of issues you have to think of before tattooing your body. Below are some of the answers you may need.

What is tattoo? It is a type of body decoration made by injection of colourants with use of special needle, under the skin. Unfortunately, it is connected with the pain, redness and irritations. People with low resistance to pain should avoid tattoos on those parts of the body which are particularly well supplied with blood or delicate and thin (eyelids, skin behind the ear as well as area near the ribs, elbows, knees, calves and lower part of the back). You can take a friend or someone close to you with you for support.

Plan tattoo on spring or autumn, i.e. when sun is not that intense. Exposure of tattoo to sun radiation can result with fading of colourant. For this reason, very important is proper care of both new and old tattoos. Fresh tattoo shouldn’t be touched with dirty hands, or rubbed with a towel and you should avoid tight clothes. To clean area of a tattoo, use water or antibacterial soap; then apply antibacterial cream. Extremely significant is to remember about regular change of dressing.

Think before you do. All you need to know about tattoo. 1Which tattoo artist should you choose? The services provided by tattoo studios not always suit us. Low prices suggest low quality of services. What is more, you can figure it out that hygiene is not followed or controlled. Thus, disinfection of the equipment is also not regular. What can be the result of that? Skin in the area of tattoo is irritated and does not heal. In extreme cases you can be infected with HIV.

Choose tattoo artist with an interesting portfolio and large experience. Competent person will provide you with all the answers you need. At first ask for a small tattoo. This way you can test your resistance to pain and decide whether this type of body decoration is something you like.

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