What is brows reconstruction?

What is brows reconstruction?

In beauty parlours and in aesthetic medicine clinic you are offered plenty of beautifying treatments. One of them is brows reconstruction. It is dedicated mostly to those ladies who want to feel beautiful and attractive. See for yourself, what it is all about.

are not only an element of appearance. They protect our eyes against water and sweat. Unfortunately, not all of us have thick, dark and beautiful brows. To those women who regulated their brows a little bit too much or lost them as a result of disease, recommended is reconstructive treatment performed in aesthetic medicine clinic. Especially if regulation on your own or application of henna does not help and popular lately eyebrows make-up takes you nowhere.

How does brows reconstruction treatment look like? People who are sensitive to pain and have skin prone to irritations will be immensely satisfied. Why? Restoration treatment of damaged eyebrows is absolutely painless and safe. On top of that final effect lasts up to four weeks. Cost of one treatment depends on the prestige of beauty parlour, time it takes and applied products. There are two methods of brows reconstructions, which sometimes can be combined. Those are building and sculpting. First method is based on attaching individual hair. Their colour is matched with natural shade of eyebrows. This method is used in order to make eyebrows denser or to execute correction of brow ridge. Second method, sculpting, involves drawing the lines imitating brows. The colour of colourant can be matched in a way to create 3D and fully natural effect.

Contradictions to the brows reconstruction are among all performed chemical peel or microdermabrasion. Thickening of brow ridge shouldn’t be performed if client suffers from acne, has severe inflammations or open wounds. If you have healthy and well taken care of skin around the eyebrows, you can obviously undergo the treatment.

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