Women shave their faces! Perfect make-up guaranteed

Women shave their faces! Perfect make-up guaranteed

Can you imagine situation when you and your man shave your faces standing next to each other? No? That’s not good, because soon you may experience something like that. Let’s see, why women started to use razors and shaving creams and how it worked for them.

Why would women shave their faces? After all, they do not have rough and thick beards like men. Women’s faces are smooth, delicate and require entirely different care. So what is it all about? Well, face of every human is covered with down. And lately, women have come to conclusion that they have to get rid of those hair, so that make-up would look better. Does this really work? Some bloggers are convinced that it is a brilliant way to smoother face. What type of razors should you use for shaving?

Asian women who came up with the idea of skin smoother, suggest that women should shave their faces dry and with special razors. Their blades resemble small scissors or simple razor. Those are equally sharp as the one men use; however, they do not have moisturising strip. Gadgets for woman’s shaving are available in the Internet. Before you get to tests, think what kind of consequences can this treatment have. Some girls claim that shaving is a good way for exfoliation of dead skin cells. But is it really? Try to remember how does your skin look like after peeling. Dead skin cells removed, face – smooth and skin – prepared for next cosmetics. Now think of how looks your man’s face. It is irritated, with visible cuts and redness and ingrowth hair. Besides, if you shave other parts of the body you perfectly know that hair grow back thicker, stronger and darker. Do you want for your face to cover with man’s beard?

Dermatologists are not unanimous when it comes to shaving face by women. Some of them claim that by causing minor damages to epidermis we can accelerates collagen synthesis. Others warn against ingrowth of hair and irritations. However, all of the agree on advising against shaving of face by people with sensitive skin. Now you have to think if you prefer having healthy skin that you underline with minimum of cosmetics or perfect make-up covering all skin issues.

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